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História Truth or dare - Capítulo 35

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Capítulo 35 - I need u

Fanfic / Fanfiction Truth or dare - Capítulo 35 - I need u

The girls are talking about very random subjects, about how they wanted to do their hair in the future.

Ju: -Hyojin, can you tell us please, about how to find out if someone is in love?

Hyojin: -Of course. You know that I am an expert in these things. But why do you want to know?

Ju looks at Angy.

Angy: -Ah, no!  Again! Won't you tell me who he is ???

Hyojin: -What?

Ju explains to Hyojin about who was in love with Angy.

Hyojin: -Calm down. You'll soon find out if you pay attention. That's how I found out ... I mean ...


Ju: -Are you in love ???

Hyojin already knows that she will not have peace for the rest of the night, for the rest of her life actually.

Angy: -Who is it, who is it?

Angy and Ju sit closer to Hyojin, curious to know who their friend's love was.

Hyojin: -Aish! You two ... ok I will explain everything.

Hyojin: -Actually it was very strange, because I thought we were just friends but ...

Hyojin: -Anyway I found out that I was always in love with him ...

Angy: -Look how she is talking, her eyes are bright, her face is red.

Ju: -Who's lucky to have your heart?

Hyojin: -You need to promise that you won't tell anyone.

Angy: -I promise!

Ju: -I promise!

Hyojin: -All right ... it's Kihyun

Hyojin hides his face in his hands.  Angy and Ju face each other and start screaming outrageously.

Angy: -Omg! They would be perfect together!

Ju: -He sure likes you too !!!

Hyojin: -Of course not! He only sees me as a friend, never in any other way.

Ju: -Don't say nonsense, Hyojin! You two are silly!

Angy and Hyojin: -Hey !!!

Ju: -Of course they are. The two don't realize the most obvious things.

Ju: -Kihyun is still very discreet, but yours...hahahaha

Ju points to Angy and laughs. Angy could only get more and more confused, she really had no idea.

Angy: -Hyojin, how did you find out that you were in love with him?

Hyojin: -In the beginning it was very difficult since I thought it was not possible because he was my friend.

Hyojin: -But I realized that I couldn't stop thinking about him, and I was always sad when he left.

Hyojin: -Ah! There's one more sign.  When you stroke a boy's hair, it means you're in love with him.

Ju: -Wow! I didn't even know that.

Hyojin: -Open your eyes! Even I don't see him much, I know he loves you.

Ju: -How embarrassing, Angy.

Angy: -Also you don't tell me who he are, you still laugh at me.

Ju and Hyojim start to laugh at their friend who looked devastated.

Angy: -Ok. Okay. Pay attention! Today we're going to show you that Kihyun likes you!

Hyojin: -What ?! How?

Ju: -I'll call to see if he's at home.

Angy: -But he lives up front.

Ju: -I won't make all the effort to get up and go there.

Angy: -Aish!

Angy leaves the apartment and goes to the other's door, which was right in front, knocking on the door.


Minhyuk: -What are you doing here?  Screaming at 1:00 am?

Angy: -What are you doing here?

Minhyuk: -I asked first.

Angy: -I asked later.

Minhyuk makes a confused expression.

Minhyuk: -Yoonmin and I came to sleep at Kihyun's house.

Angy: -Then ask the boys to go to Hyojin's house.

He seemed to be in another world.

Angy: -You just woke up, didn't you?  You don't understand anything I say.

Angy moves Minhyuk away and goes in to look for the boys.

Angy: -Yoooon! Where are you??

Kihyun and Yoonmin appear and hug Angy.

Angy: -Let's go to Hyojin's house!

Yoonmin: -Come ooon! Let's go!

Yoonmin pulls Minhyuk by the hand and they run to Hyojin's house.

Angy: - Is everything okay?

Kihyun: -Of course.

Angy: -Are you sure? You look a little different lately ...

Kihyun: -Just some problems ... you know ... with the heart ...

Angy: -Look, I believe that if you love someone, you shouldn't hide a feeling like that.

Kihyun looks a little thoughtful.

Angy: -I know we are afraid of rejection, but it is worth taking a risk for the person we love. You see?

Kihyun opens a smile and hugs Angy.

Kihyun: -I'll try to do what you told me.  Thank you, dongsaeng.

Angy smiles and pulls him over to Hyojin's house.

"Minutes later"

Angy: -I'm hungry.

Ju: -As usual.

Angy throws a pillow at Ju.

Angy: -Does anyone want to go with me to get food?

Minhyuk: -I'll.

Hyojin: -Me too!

Angy: -Come on! We'll be back soon.

"With Angy, Hyojin and Minhyuk"

Angy: -Hyojin, I think you should tell Kihyun about your feelings.

Hyojin: -But I don't know if he likes me ...

Angy: -I was talking to him today he seemed in love.

Angy: -He doesn't talk much to other people outside of our group, and you're the only girl he's close to.

Hyojin: -But how am I going to talk to him?

Angy: -Talk as you always said. He's your friend, you has no reason to hesitate.

Hyojin: -But now it's another situation.

Angy: -It's another situation, but you are still the same. You can talk about it normally without damaging your relationship.

Angy: -And even if everything goes wrong, your friendship is too strong to end. You will not lose him.

Hyojin: -I hope you're right. I think I'll try to talk to him ...

Minhyuk appears suddenly.

Minhyuk: -What soda do you want?

Angy: -SPRITE !!!

Hyojin: -You scared me!!

Angy and Minhyuk start to laugh.

Minhyuk: -We are going to get some more chocolate and sweets and then order pizzas at home. Can be?

Hyojin: -Of course.

After a while they return home.

"At home"

Everyone was talking in the living room waiting anxiously for the pizzas to arrive, especially Angy who said she was starving.

Hyojin: -They arrived!

Angy: - FINALLY.

Ju: -I was almost asleep, you are very noisy.

Angy: -You are very bad with me. Only Hyojin loves me in this group.

Hyojin laughs and hugs his friend.

"A while later"

After talking for a while, Ju suggests an idea:

Ju: -Let's play some game. Truth or dare maybe.

Angy: -Ah, no!

Yoonmin: -Yes!

Minhyuk: -Yes!

Kihyun: -All right.

Hyojin: -I think it's fun.

Angy: -I hate you.

They start to laugh.

Yoonmin: -I'm going to look for a bottle.

Everyone sits in a circle placing the bottle in the center. They took the oath not to say anything that would be said in the game, and also not to hide anything.

At the beginning they were quite challenging, very funny, and finally the truths started.

Hyojin spins the bottle and turns to Minhyuk:

Hyojin: -I will ask a difficult question.

Minhyuk: -Ah, no! Will you take revenge for the challenge ?!

Hyojin just laughs and thinks about a question.

Hyojin: -Do you ... like Angy?

Angy: -Sure. Come Minhyuk !!!

She pulls Minhyuk by the collar of her coat and pretends to kiss him, placing her hand between their mouths. The two separate and start laughing outrageously.

Minhyuk: -No, Jinnie. I love Angy as my sister. She is one of my best friends.

Angy: -Cute

After a few more rounds, Angy spins the bottle and turns to Kihyun. She knew exactly what to ask since she had some theories.

Angy: -So .... Do you like someone from the group?

Kihyun: -Yes ...

Angy looks discreetly at Hyojin and the game continues. Ju turns the bottle and turns to Yoonmin.

Ju: -Yoonnie .... is it true that you feel something more for a friend?

Yoonmin tries to be as natural as possible so as not to reveal himself.

Yoonmin: -It's true.

Ju looks at Angy as if they are talking over psychic connections. They knew something, made a plan and wanted to solve this game.

The game continues with some embarrassing revelations, some very funny and some very unlikely.

The bottle is last spun by Angy and turns to Minhyuk.

Angy: -Are you liking someone in this room?

Minhyuk looks down in order not to risk suspicion.

Minhyuk: -Yes.

Ju and Angy look at each other again, seeming to know everything. Kihyun suggests watching a movie and everyone agrees with the idea.

"Time after"

Some were still watching the movie and others were already asleep. Angy notes that Hyojin is already asleep and calls Kihyun:

Angy: -Kihyun! Can you put Hyojin in her room, please?

Kihyun: -Of course.

Kihyun takes Hyojin and takes her in his arms to the bedroom placing her on bed. However, he did not know about her extremely light sleep.

When Kihyun was about to leave, Hyojin grabs his wrist, drawing his attention to her.

Hyojin: -I need to talk to you!

Kihyun sits on the bed facing her attentive to her words.

Hyojin: -I will be direct and I don't care if your answer is negative. I just ask you not to end the friendship for that!

Kihyun is surprised by the serious tone that took Hyojin's words.

Hyojin: -I like you!

Hyojin: -I know you see me only as a friend but I needed to speak ...

Hyojin is surprised by a quick and shy kiss from Kihyun, but that made his feelings for her clear.

Kihyun: -I like you too. But I was afraid to speak and you don't feel the same ...

Hyojin smiles.

Hyojin: -It was easier to talk than I expected.

They laugh together.

Hyojin: -Oppa?

Hyojin usually called him that when she wanted to ask for something.

Kihyun: -Yes?

Hyojin: -Want to be my boyfriend?

Kihyun is surprised but soon opens a huge smile hugging Hyojin tightly.

Kihyun: -Of course, my flower!

Hyojin insists that Kihyun sleep with her, as it was very cold that night. He ends up accepting and the two fall asleep while he strokes Hyojin's hair.

Angy sees Hyojin's door and decides to close it, completely forgetting the fact that Kihyun has not returned from the room.

She stops in front of the door to see Kihyun and Hyojin sleeping together, and she thinks that finally, Hyojin had talked about her feelings and the two could be happy together.

"In the room"

Angy arrives in the room running smiling and Ju is completely unaware of her friend's euphoria.

Angy: -It worked! Finally Hyojin and Kihyun were together!!!

Ju: -OMG !!!!!!

Both are very happy, but they knew that they still had something very important to solve.

Angy: -I'm going to the balcony.

Ju: -Ok. I go to the room.

"In the balcony"

Minhyuk was distracted looking at the stars, thoughtful, his thoughts seemed to be suffocating and tormenting him for a long time.

Angy: -Min, what happened?

Minhyuk: -I was just thinking.

Angy: -The usual?

Minhyuk: -You know me very well ...

Angy: -Why don't you speak?

Minhyuk knew that this was leaving him sleepless nights and that he would take a weight off his back if he told him, but he also feared losing an incredible friendship, ruining everything.

Minhyuk: -You know the reason.

Angy: -You can't jump to conclusions.  Let me help you with that, okay?

Minhyuk: -Would you do that for me?

Angy: -Obviously, silly!

Minhyuk smiles at Angy and she comes back inside asking him to wait right there.

Angy: -Yoonnieeee !!!

Yoonmin: -Hi, what happened?

Angy: -I just wanted to ask you a favor.

Yoonmin: -You can talk.

Angy: -Minhyuk doesn't look very well out there.  Maybe he needs to talk.  Since you are very close, you could talk to him.

Yoonmin: -I hope everything is fine.

Yoonmin goes towards the balcony while Angy goes to the room where Ju was.

"With Minhyuk"

Yoonmin stops at the door watching the other one who seemed serene, different from his thoughts that looked more like a huge mess.

Minhyuk wakes up from his thoughts a little scared to feel arms hugging his body from behind. He knew who he was just by the smell.

Yoonmin: -What are you doing out here alone, dongsaeng? It's cold tonight.

Minhyuk: -Nothing ... just thinking.

Yoonmin: -Thinking about what?

Minhyuk: -Nothing important. Do not worry.

Yoonmin: -I know you well enough to know that there is something wrong.  Don't lie to me, dongsaeng.

Minhyuk: -Sorry, hyung. But you can't help me anyway.

Yoonmin: -Why not?

Minhyuk: -You just can't.

Yoonmin: -If you tell me, I can decide if I can help you or not.

Minhyuk is silent, Yoonmin knew how to disarm him in various ways that he could not escape.

Minhyuk: -I just don't want to ruin everything.

Yoonmin: -Destroy everything?

Minhyuk: -Everything between us ...

Yoonmin: - So I'm involved in this situation ...

Minhyuk: -Yes.

Yoonmin: -Can I guess?

Minhyuk: -Maybe not.

Yoonmin: -I'll still try.

Yoonmin spent some time trying to deduce what the subject was about, his guesses were really meaningless, he managed to make Minhyuk laugh many times and break that strange atmosphere that was.

Yoonmin: -It's very difficult. Tell me.

Minhyuk: -I like someone.

 Yoonmin: -Oh, that's cool. I'm happy for you. But you said I was involved in the situation ... so ...

Minhyuk: - ...

Yoonmin is silent and Minhyuk is unable to say a word in the face of the situation. He is surprised to feel Yoonmin hug him so suddenly.

Yoonmin: -You shouldn't have hidden it from me.

Minhyuk did not know exactly what that hug meant. Didn't know if it was the other's way of responding to him, or it was just something that Yoonmin did to not make him uncomfortable.

He didn't know what would come after this hug, he had no idea of ​​anything at all. So he decided to stay in that hug without thinking about anything, just the fact that he was in the hug he most wanted at that moment.

Yoonmin separates the hug and looks at Minhyuk's face for some time, then caresses him gently making him blush a little. Minhyuk didn't know exactly what hyung was thinking.

Minhyuk saw him approach slowly and not only understood what that look meant, but he was also unable to control his heart inside his chest.

He felt Yoonmin touch his lips gently, pulling him closer with hands now on his waist. Minhyuk reciprocates by stroking his hyung's hair affectionately.

They slowly separate the kiss and Yoonmin hugs him again, and says:

Yoonmin: -You don't have to say anything. Know that I love you ok. Let's go to sleep and get out of this cold.

The two enter and decide to go to Kihyun's house, since Angy and Ju would also go home to their house.
They lie down and exchange caresses, until they fall asleep together on that cold night.

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To be continue...

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