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Capítulo 2 - Chapter 02 - The danger's in the neck

"Can I come in?" asked Alice, with a shiny grin and intense red-colored eyes.


If I was completely sane, I would've figured out that wasn't Alice. I mean... it was, but she wasn't her normal self. But the punches I've received kinda messed up with my common sense.


"Y-you can come in, Alice", I answered, while I opened the window, asking myself if I was dreaming, since regular people can't float outside windows, on a building's third floor.


But, looking closely, I realized Alice wasn't floating, but instead, flying. She had huge black wings, that got retracted the moment she crouched to pass through the window.


When she entered, Alice stood up, and started looking at me. I was still a little confused and half-awake, but even in my state I noticed there was something wrong.


"A-Alice... y-you have wings?" I asked.


"Oh, those?" she said, with that lower than normal voice I heard earlier "Those are nothing. What we should be talking about is that I want to suck your blood. Can you let me?"


"... Come again?"


The pieces were starting to fall into place. How I, a monster freak, didn't noticed that before? All her oddities... she wasn't human. And, by asking for my blood, everything made sense.


"My blood..." I started "You're a vampire."


"Yeah, well, that's right" answered Alice "I generally control myself, I drink my potions and all that. They replace blood, you know? They even protect me from the sunlight. But today, when your blood hit my mouth... something changed. I haven't felt the same since then. I just think about biting your neck. Can you let me, dude?"


I almost fell down, but I was saved by my bed. I was in love with a vampire. Before thinking about the logistics of all of that, my human instinct started screaming "RUN, RUN, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, RUN!", but, as I said, my common sense had left me that day. And, as dangerous as all of that sounded, I trusted Alice. It was hard not to feel safe around a girl that protected me from bullies for years.


"And... if I let you b-bite my ne-neck... and drink my blood... will I die?" I asked, that being the only question on my mind at the moment.


"Nooooo, of course not!" Alice replied, laughing "You think I, after all this time, would kill you out of the blue like that? I love ya, man!"


My body froze. I didn't knew if that was some vampire power, or if they were mere words, but even my human instinct decided to shut up.


"S-so... go ahead. Drink my blood." I replied, decided "I think this is the best way for me to thank you for all you did for me until now."


"Stop being so dramaaatic, Evan!" said Alice, laughing "It's just a little blood drinking between friends, nothing out of the ordinary!"


Alice jumped towards me, and landed on my bed. Her wings opened, making my nightstand fall over. She grabbed a hold of my shoulders, and, in a swift and accurate movement, she bit my neck.

It was like two needles had penetrated my skin. I felt like that should've hurt, but in actuality, I didn't felt any pain. What I felt, actually, was my blood going away.


Before that night, I had no idea how much blood I could lose before I lost consciousness, but now I knew, because a few seconds after Alice's bite, I was knocked out.




The Sun started to shine, and, because my curtains were open, the hot yellow morning rays entered my room, hitting my eyes and waking me up.

I woke up with a brutal headache, without knowing for sure what had happened overnight. Everything was so surreal, that my brain decided to act as if everything was just a dream. A weird, weird dream.

My friend couldn't be a vampire. My favorite person couldn't also be my favorite monster, I wasn't born with that much luck.


But, as I moved my shoulder, I felt a little pain and, as I looked at my neck, I saw two little round marks, covered in dried blood.

I was ready to kick my sanity out the window, but I decided to look down first.


And right there, faceplanting the floor, was Alice.

Her hair, black as coal, was as messy as ever. She was wearing yellow shorts, and a white t-shirt that was way too big for her body. A regular look for her.

The wings, on the other hand, weren't.


Huge black wings that reminded me of the wings of a bat, opened wide all over the carpet.

They were incredibly real, which made me think that I really wasn't going nuts, and that that wasn't a costume.

As I looked closer, I noticed she was snoring. And, when she opened her mouth, I saw two fangs, way bigger than they were regularly, full of dried blood.


"A... Alice... ALICE!" I yelled, trying to wake her up.


"WHAT WHERE WHEN?" she yelled back, surprised "Oh, Evan, it's just you... Man, don't wake me up like that for nothing..."


"For... nothing?" I asked, pointing to her wings.


Alice looked to her back, and saw what I was pointing at. She looked back to me, and focused on my neck.


"... Oops." she said, smiling "I think we may have a huge problem on our hands."


"Huge problem? I think we should celebrate! Why haven't you never told me you were a vampire?"


"Because I wanted to leave that vampire life behind! Being a part of my family sucks! I just wanted to be a regular girl, living a regular life... with you!"


My heart skipped a beat.


"B-but you know I wouldn't spread the news! I mean... now that you bit me, I'm going to turn into a vampire too, right? I help you cover your secret, and you help me cover mine!"


Alice didn't say a word. She startled to whistle, looking to the ceiling, while she fiddled with her messy hair bangs.


"... What's the problem?" - I asked.


So, with no rhyme or reason, Alice ran away from my room, fast as lightning. I tried to follow her, but she already crossed the front door, where my mom just arrived from work.


"Woah, what gives?" my mom asked "And... why do you have two holes on your neck?"


Not knowing what to answer, I ran back to my room. When I was ready to lay down on my bed to think things straight and figure out what had just happened, I looked at my clock. I was late for school.


I changed my clothes like a madman, found my backpack and ran away. Before my mom had a chance to say anything, I said, while I ran:


"Bye mom, love ya, going to school!"


I closed the front door, and ran through the corridor until I reached Alice's apartment. I knocked several times, but she wouldn't answer. I didn't knew if she was there, or where she ran off to, but even still, I decided to tell her I was going out:


"Alice, I'm off to school, see ya there!"


My heart was pumping like crazy. My best friend was a vampire girl. She had bitten me, and I would become a vampire too! That would be the best school year of all, for sure!


But, just like usual, my old friend Fate decided that my life couldn't just be a sea of roses.


When I arrived at school, I had the caution of raising the collar of my long-sleeved shirt so I could hide Alice's bites. I barely had time to take a shower, so the blood was still there, so I had to be careful not to be seen. It's not like anyone would talk to me anyway, since the students were all in their classes, because I arrived after the bell rung. All I had to do was walk through a corridor, towards my class. Getting there, Alice would probably be there, sitting by my side, and we would talk normally, like we always do.


"HEY, DUMMY!" yelled a raspy voice, from behind me.


Yup, no one said life was supposed to be easy.


I turned around to face a guy that was double the bully that had punched me yesterday. My legs already gave me a warning: "We're going to shake by the double, then!"

He looked exactly like the bully from yesterday, too. I was sure he was his brother. He had the same dumb hairdo that his brother had. Long strings of hair that went to his shoulders, but they were so badly taken care of that he looked like he was wearing a wig made of broom hair. He was wearing camouflaged pants, and a pretty beaten up jacket.


"Where's your friend?" he asked "The one who beat up my bro."


"I don't know where Alice is." I managed to reply, although my voice cracked a lot.


"You'll do, then." he said, while he grabbed me by the neck.


At that moment, I was more afraid of him seeing the bites than of getting beat up, which was a new feeling for me. I raised my collar as much as I could, and prepared myself for a beating. But fate wasn't kidding today, because my luck would get worse from there on out.


The bully had his fist raised, but suddenly, his hand loosened from my neck. I was confused, but it looked like he was even more than me.


"Who're you two?" he asked, looking at someone behind me.


I got extremely happy, because I thought two teachers had managed to come rescue me. But, when I turned around, I realized those two weren't teachers for sure.


Two girls that looked like they were my age were standing still, creating a perfect symmetry between them. Both looked like they were from Japanese descent; Their skin was as white as mine, and their long and thin black hair was cut in such a way that both of them had the exact same hairdo. Their look was cold, and their clothes made them seem like two government spies: Black and tight jackets, together with equally tight and black pants. They wore regular shoes, which was a little weird. One of them had a red tiara, while the other one had a yellow scarf on her neck.


At that moment, I was as lost as the bully. But my confusion traded places with fear, when the scarf girl started walking towards us and said, in a sweet but menacing voice:


"He's our prey, big guy."


The big guy looked confused at the two, and said:


"I'm going to beat him up first. Wait your turn."


And then, something as impressive as two Japanese teenage spies appearing in your school happened: The neck of the scarf girl started growing.

It was like seeing toothpaste coming out of the tube, but instead of toothpaste, it was an incredibly long neck.
The bully let out a "What the-?", which was exactly what I was going to say. But, before he could let out another sentence, the girl's head, that now waved around like a crazy worm, simply started to fall, and fell on her hand.

And then, like someone that just threw a bowling ball at some pins, the girl launched her hand at the bully, and, with a single blow to his stomach, knocked him out. The neck of the scarf girl started to shorten itself, until it was regular sized again.


I didn't knew if I should thank them or run. But since my common sense was still at home, I ended up saying:


"Hey... thanks for the help. Pleasure to meet ya, name's Evan."


"We came here to kill you, Evan." said the tiara girl "But since you introduced yourself, we're going to do the same. My name is Hitomi."


"I'm Misaki." the scarf girl introduced herself "A pleasure to meet you too, Evan-san. And now, as we promised, we're going to kill you."


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