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História Virtues and Sins - Capítulo 18

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Capítulo 18 - 17. Death and Memories (7 Sins)

People talk and laugh in the background. No human has ever suffered since their arrival. The wars were over and peace reigned. 

Under a palm tree, listening to the beautiful sound of the waves hitting the sand, Temperança played with the water, making it fly and dance, until the sound of crystals rattling denounced the arrival of Charity.

- Always silent, Charity. - he said, looking at the Goddess, with a friendly smile.

- Respect me, Temperance. - she laughed, sitting by his side. - I'm going to have my legs full of sand.... 

- So, what brings you here? 

- Have you decided on declaring yourself to Chastity? - she asked with a sly smile, and making the God choke. 

- Declare about what? I have nothing to say.

- Please, Temperance, we've known each other for what? Five billion years? You don't think I wouldn’t notice you like my best friend? 

- I don't know what you're talking about. - he answered flushed.

- Aham. They’re been wondered about Kindness’s roses, if I were you, I'd use it.

- Charity you know that's not a good idea...

- And why not? 

- We are gods, we cannot give in to these human emotions, it takes away our reason and sanity.

- Maybe, but you know, ever since we came here and every day I spend around them, I realize that following emotions isn't so bad. Love is a very beautiful thing.

- If it's so beautiful, why don't you go ahead and declare yourself to Humility? - and this time the one who choked it was Charity.

- I don't know what you're talking about - she answered, looking away.

- Five billion years, right? 

- You idiot.

- If you declare yourself, I will.

- That's not fair, why do I have to be the first?

- It's not the humans who say “Ladies first."?

- Oh! And now the gender matters to you, asshole. - Charity laughed. - Okay, deal! 

- Deal. - and shook hands, determined.


Gluttony woke up with the worst expression, hated it when she had romantic memories, they were always so... Tacky. Yawned. She was going use the today's meeting to tell about the the new,that she was able to access God's memories. 

Luke - tutor, friend of Hope who lived in the Sea Kingdom and who cared for the little child - arrived early in the morning to the hut where Gluttony lived. The young gentleman spent the night at the child's uncle's house in the capital as usual, while by day he ensured that Gluttony wouldn’t  kill herself at sea, took care of the house and cooked the best treats. Even though she loved Luke's company, she enjoyed living alone and especially now that she could communicate using vibrations in the water, spent all her days at sea, having fun with hippocampuses, dolphins and all kinds of creatures. One day she even met a young merman, it was a fun event since it was the first she saw one and he had never seen a human.

After lunch, Luke accompanied her as usual to the portal that would take her to the Volcano Kingdom. He stroked Gluttony’s head, gave her a basket full of goodies and wished her a "good trip". The child then went there jumping, liked to be with the other Sins and see the uncle, especially now that everyone had finally learned sign language, made it much easier.

The portal came out in the hallway on the top floor of uncle's house and for the first time, to her surprise, no one was there expecting her. Weird. The girl then began to hear crying and screaming from the floors below. Gluttony hurrieddown and came across with everyone gathered in the living room. Wrath had punched the wall, destroying part of it, was crying and yelling at Hope, who was trying to calm him down. On the couches, Pride was serious, with little Kai, already with his three years old, on his lap, next to them Envy and Sloth wept. In the center of the room, the first to notice the presence of Gluttony, was a blond child standing, seemed to be younger than her, was serious, with an empty greenish look and bloodied clothes. By all black style and such modern clothes, they could only have come from the Underworld Kingdom.

- "What happened?" - asked Gula, laying the basket on the floor by her side.

- Greed joined the world today... - answered Hope almost in a whisper.

- He was murdered by drug dealers. - said the mysterious child, serious. 

- "Who are you?"

- Eden Aimes, son of Greed and the current Sin of Greed’s bearer.

- "He didn't have a daughter?"

- I'm a boy. - answered quietly. 

Gluttony noticed his clenched fists and weeping eyes, he was trying with all forces to not cry.

- "I also lost my mother, but I wasn't sad because I know she's now everywhere". - she gestured and when finished, she approached the boy, hugging him. Greed didn't react, just put his head on her chest in silence. 

- Hope, we have to contact Lucia, enough of her standing there having fun! - Wrath screamed angrily. - They're all gone. Gone... There's nothing more we can do and they're too young for this! 

- Wrath, please calm down, we'll find a solution, calm down. - said the uncle, hugging his friend. 

- Lucia? The Sin of Lust’s bearer? - Greed pronounced, raising his head. - She's the one my father wanted to talk to you about today. He found a birth certificate from 12 years ago with her name as mother, it was registered in the Wind Kingdom.

- Did she have a child? - Wrath walked away from the hug. - Hope, we have to find them!

- Eden, do you know anything else? - uncle approached, kneeling. 

- She worked at the "Bless club", was fired because of financial problems of the club months ago.

- Thank you very much, you're a very strong boy, really, thank you. - thanked Hope. 

- I might have some contacts there. - pronounced Wrath. 

- We're going to take care of this now. Children, take of her-, I mean, him, please. We will just go to wrath’s house quickly!

And with this, the two adults ran through the door, for them that were many feelings, at the same time they were desolate with the sad new, they know they couldn’t stop to mourn.

- Your father was a great man, we thank you all for all he did for us. - thanked Pride. 

- I know that, thanks.

- "That blood..."

- We were just getting to headquarters when I heard a gunshot. A sniper hit him in the head.... He... didn’t suffer... - tears began to descend down his round childish face but kept his face serious. - The members of our group managed to catch the guy and kill him on the spot. I had him.... I had him for thirty seconds in my lap. Until... Disappeared. He just disappeared. 

Envy approached hugging him, Gluttony followed the example and lastly Sloth. Pride could only kiss the forehead of his brother who wasn’t understanding anything that was going on, and only cried because he saw everyone crying.

By the time Hope and Wrath returned, the situation was already calmer. Pride was lying on the couch, with Sloth on top of him sleeping and next to him Kai doing the same. Giving him conversation was Envy, sitting on the floor, her back leaning against the couch right next to her friend's face. In one of the chairs, Gluttony shared her cookies and chocolates with Greed, who had swapped clothes for old ones that Envy had managed to find. 

- We already have solid leads, thank you very much Eden. - thanked Hope. - Hana, I'm going to have to travel to the Wind Kingdom, you don't mind staying at Wrath’s house? 

- Of course not, do what you have to do. 

- Eden, you--

- I'm staying with my family, I'm not leaving them without a leader. - Greed interrupted him immediately. - They need me and I need them, they don't have to worry about me, I'm going to be fine.

- "Are you sure?"

- Yes. I'm going to take care of it now. It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can get along, bye. - and with this, he got up from his chair and headed for the gate.

- "Hope, I had to tell you something: I've already been able to access the memories of the Temperance God."

- Are you serious? That's great, Gluttony. - Hope hugged the little one. 

- When do you plan on telling them? - asked Wrath. 

- As soon as we have everyone's here. 

- Tell us about what? - Pride pronounced.

- About the whole truth. Don’t worry about that now. Go home now, children, you deserve some rest after today.


- What do you think it's like when we die? - asked Envy up at night. - Honestly, Emma, stop pulling this shit! 

- Language, Hana. - Pride laughed. 

That night, the four children slept in the room shared by Pride and Patience. The older one slept with the little one, who rested quietly hugging his brother, while Sloth and Envy fought for the blanket, the first in full sleep and the second while talking and complaining.

- I want to think that I'll be greeted by a beautiful angels, if one was a blonde guy and the other a brunette woman, I'd be even happier.

- Even in death he takes advantage of.

- And I do it with great pride. - said laughing.

- Aren't you scared at all? I mean, in principle we're going to join all our predecessors but... Aren't you afraid of all being empty and lonely...? Or even not get along with them?

- Hana, stop thinking about it, it's better if you don't or you are going crazy.

- You’re right... - she admitted, settling better. - ...Liam, don't you think it's strange that we Sins can access the memories of the gods? I mean, Virtues are their copies and the first to receive their energy... 

- A little, but I have confidence in uncle, and he said he's going to tell us everything when we're seven together. I'd rather not worry too much about it.

- You really trust him a lot.

- You should trust a lot too, he's been taking care of you like a daughter.

- I know and I appreciate it, but for that very reason I know there are many things he doesn't tell us. Why this, why do we have to kill the Virtues,... Don't you think it's weird that he doesn't get old? And your father never told us how he met him, something's missing here...

- Hana, trust him, he just wants our good. We should trust him.

- But blindly? Liam, you're going to say that you never felt that something was missing from the memories of the ancestors, a presence that you know is there but every time you try to look, it disappears or turns all black, like a glitch from a computer.

- You're not implying that...

- You've noticed there are flaws in the registers too, haven't you? There are flaws everywhere, in his history, in our history and even in the history of the world. Alison can find out everything-

- Will you both shut up? - asked Sloth, sleepy, already irritated with so much talk.

- Go to sleep, Emma. - Envy hit her with the pillow.

- Ouch! 

- Well, you're right, Liam. We should chance the topic before I go crazy. How are your memories?

- Not as advanced as Alison, so lucky, she managed to jump them all and get into the goddess's memory! I'm 400 generation, you? 

- 500...

- Hey, I’m much more advanced than you! I'm the best!

- Shut up and go to sleep! - ordered Hana.

- You're the one who talked!

- Yes, yes, good night Liam. 

- Shut up at once, you two! - brandished Sloth, pulling the blanket.

- Emma stop pulling this shit!

- Language!


Underworld Kingdom, territory consisted of tunnels, caves and complete cities underground, it runs through 1/3 of the Desert Kingdom, to an entire mountain range and ends at the beginning of the Wind Kingdom. Their formation began with the departure of citizens from other kingdoms fleeing wars or seeking to change their lives, Charity then decided to help them and form a world underground. 

That the idea of living in the depths does not deceive anyone, the Underworld is the second most developed kingdom in terms of technology, fully automated cities, full of buildings, giant screens, with neon lights wherever the eye reaches, managed to develop food and artificial farms, as well as a kind of artificial sun, consisting of colossal LED lights at the top of the caves, and that follows the same time of the natural star. The consumption of vitamins D is mandatory, being the main importer from the Wind Kingdom. In return, exports coal, oil, technology of the latest tip (including bionic prostheses, artificial organs, everything), varied stones and above all precious stones, making it very rich economically.

And with this, the Underworld has managed to live its 200 years of existence, becoming a world totally apart from the other kingdoms and much visited by its exotic and surrealist environment. However, not everything is roses, and in this kingdom is where there is the highest percentage of crime, with gangs, groups of trafficking, theft, etc. One of the most famous families is Aimes, leader of the "Raven" group, responsible for trafficking and counterfeiting precious stones, oil scams and an extensive network of robberies, possessing a giant empire, and known for having a lineage of Sin of Greed’s bearers.

From that day on, the leader of this whole operation became Eden at the age of six. His situation was complicated for many ways:

1 - he was too young to take command, as such someone would have to do so, which in principle would be the leader of another family, something that could jeopardize the position of the Aimes family;

2 - the recent news of him being a "he" and not a "she", many thought it was the shock of his father's death, not taking him seriously, others said that “she was too new" to know these matters, and bla bla;

3 - adaptation to the powers, which were received as aggressively as possible. 

Only time can tell how this situation will work out.

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