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História Way Back When: a Daryl Dixon story - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - Chapter 1

Daryl POV

Merle and I walk through the woods, someone has sloppily left tracks leading back to a camp. Merle wants to rob em', and as I usually do I'm just going along with Merle.

"Duck down bro they're over there" Merle grunts at me. I duck down and crouch beside him. We see about 15 people, kids and women and a couple of men. Merle cocks his gun, "let's go" I grip my hand to his shoulder.

"They have kids man" I try to reason with him, something about taking from kids is not right by me.

"What do we just starve?" Merle looks to the ground "how about this? We gain their trust, stay here a few weeks and then once they're all asleep we rob em and get off in the night"

I look to him and nod my head. We stand up and start walking towards the camp. I start to think, the last time there was anyone other than me and Merle was when I was 19. Merle was in prison this time, armed robbery stupid idiot. My dad had beat me bad one night and I left, took my truck and left.

Flashback 1989

I pull my truck up next to a lake. I sit there for a while just thinking. I can see a campfire with a few people sat around it, drinking and smoking. I've never had friends like that, always me and merle, and dad. Since mom died. The fresh cut on my back throbs as I think.

A sudden tap on my window alerts me to a small blonde girl stood there. I roll my window down and don't say anything to her.

"Y'all okay?" Her sweet southern voice like a chime in my ear. I grunt at her in agreement.

"I'm Beau, I and my friends were wondering if y'all want to join us?" She asks pointing to the group by the campfire.

"Why would y'all want a stranger to join yas"

"We're on a road trip to Michigan, and we like people, new people come, new stories, the old song you forget and new memories" she tries to persuade me. "Come for 10 minutes if Ya don't like us get back in yalls truck, and forget we ever existed" I grunt but nod my head, I could use a distraction right about now. I jump out of my truck and stand beside her.

She's wearing a white linen peasant blouse and a tan waistcoat and blue jeans. She's small and her dirty blonde hair is wavy past her shoulders. "It's Daryl," I say to her ask we walk towards the campfire.

"Guys this is Daryl, Daryl this is Ace, Knox, Brooks, Addy and Shelby," everyone says hi in unison, as to hold up my and drop it again to say hello. I take a seat next to Beau.

"Here Daryl" the guy with blonde hair to his shoulders known as Ace, passes me a bottle of whiskey.

"Thanks" I take a gulp from the bottle.

"So why you out here" Shelby the ginger girl with freckles all over her asks me.

"Just needed to get out," I say passing the bottle along.

"I feel ya," beau says not looking up from rolling some hash into a cigarette "my foster parents have no idea where I am, probably don't care either" everyone laughs as she licks the paper and rolls her cigarette and passes it to me. "Peace offering," she says as I take it out of her hand.

"Why are you guys so nice?" I ask

"Treat others how you would like to be treated man," the guy with the short black hair known as Knox says to me before taking a swig from the bottle and passes it to the other girl who also has black hair, they look related.

"And the fact that y'all didn't look happy in that truck," she says to me.

I let out a slight laugh as I light the cigarette and exhale before passing it to Beau. After she takes her drag she speaks the guy with brown hair, brooks "play something"

"Play what," he says as she passes him the cigarette.

"Do you know any campfire songs, Daryl?" she looks at me.

"I can't sing" I defend myself as the bottle of whiskey comes my way again.

"Didn't ask y'all to sing I asked if you knew any?" She says smiling at me I think for a second

"Um, waltzing Matilda,"  I say shakily

"I know that one" brooks states and starts to play his guitar as I pass the bottle of whiskey to Beau. Her smile is radiant as she sings along with her friends who also know the song. I start to tap my foot along with the music. Looking around the group of friends.

Later on that night we are all intoxicated and still sat around the fire, Beau gets up and throws a blanket over our knees and huddles beside me for warmth.

"Hey daryl" ace shouts to me "You should come to Michigan with us"

I start to think merles going to be in prison for a few years, I've had fun tonight. "Yeah sounds good" I agree.

That summer, me and beau, well we fell in love, we had so much fun and then even after Michigan, we came home and continued what we had. We were together for years, she was the only one who knew about my dad, the number of times I stayed in her apartment because I couldn't go home. When merle got out, I decided to try and get him introduced to my friends. But after the first night were together hanging out, they never spoke to me again, Beau didn't speak to me or answer the phone to me, from that day I decided it was just me and merle nothing would come between blood, not nobody not no how.

A gun clicking snaps me out of my flashback "what do you two want" a large man with short tight curly hair says at us through gritted teeth.

"Look man, we don't want no trouble, just could your spare room for 2 more," merle says

"Names" the man demands

"I'm merle Dixon, and this is my little bro daryl" he pats me on my shoulder "we got ourselves a deer and, well we're willing to share if it means we can stay" merle tries to bargain with the man.

The man lowers his gun "I'm Shane, a few of us are camped here trying to keep out of the way of them dead freaks, I used to be a police officer hence the pointing my gun at you" he says and starts to turn towards the camp him and merle are talking as we approach the camp.

I don't believe my eyes when I see a certain blonde southern beauty stood by a camping stove chopping up mushrooms and potatoes and carrots from tins.

"Beau?" My words cause her to jump and the knife she is using jolts and slices her hand. She grabs the tea towel and engulfs her hand in it, bringing her eyes up to meet me, but as soon as they do they roll to the back of her head and she falls to the floor.

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