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História Way Back When: a Daryl Dixon story - Capítulo 2

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Capítulo 2 - Chapter 2

3rd person POV

Beau is asleep in the RV she hasn't come round yet. Amy, Lori and Andrea sit with her as there is arguing outside.

"You got some nerves showing up after all this time" Ace, is Beau's brother. Knowing how Daryl affected her, and him standing in front of him now.

"Did I know y'all where here" Daryl shouts at him. Ace lunges towards him, but Knox and share hold him back.

"Not the point you abandoned her!" Shelby shouts at Daryl.

"She didn't call me" Daryl spits at her.

"Yes she did, I was there when she left the message" Addy shouts.

"I didn't get no message" he spits back.

"She left 3, in the space of 5 months, you never got back to her" addy shouts again.

"What about I didn't get no messages do you not understand"

"Do you know how much you broke her Daryl?" Knox tries to calm everyone with his soft tone. "And then the baby", he starts again.

"Baby?" Daryl's eyes go wide and he looks at the ground shaking his head.

"You really didn't know did you?" Shelby says softly. Daryl shakes his head.

"But I swear I never got no" he starts but then suddenly stops and turns to Merle. "Did you know?"

Merle takes a step back, and holds his hands up "they weren't good for Ya baby bro"

"Did you know about the baby?" Daryl takes a step forward, as merle takes a step back.

"I thought the broad was lying to try and get ya to come back, I swear" Daryl starts to lunge toward merle but is stopped by Knox and Glenn.

"Daryl he's not worth it, Beau wouldn't want you fighting," Knox says to him. Daryl calms down, knowing Knox is right, Beau wouldn't want this. Daryl's mind goes to that of beau and his child

"Wheres my kid?" He looks around starting to get excited.

Everyone looks away from Daryl, "Hey, bro, come for a walk with me" ace says patting daryl on his shoulder and walking away from the crowd. Washes of worry and dread fall into Daryl's stomach as they walk towards the fence on the outer perimeter of the field.

Ace and Daryl stand there in silence as ace takes a picked of cigarettes out of his pocket and passes one to Daryl and lights one for himself.

"She was so happy when she found out she was pregnant you know," Ace says as he holds out a lighter for Daryl. "It was the night after we were all in that diner when your brother got out of prison, heard her on the phone with you in the other room, leaving you a message telling you to meet her at the old lake" he takes a drag of his cigarette.

"Wheres my kid ace?" Daryl snaps the pit in his stomach making him uncomfortable.

"She found out halfway through that the baby was sick, too sick to have a life after birth" ace looks at daryl tears forming in his eyes. "She gave birth at 2 weeks later to a little girl, she called her Matilda, Matilda Dixon"

Tears start to form in Daryl's eyes. Ace continues "she did it all alone, she did want anyone there, after you didn't respond to her she felt worthless, the baby was the only thing bringing joy to her life. Then after that" ace stops "she's a shell of her former self, has been for 10 years, you'll rarely see her smile" ace throws his cigarette over the fence. "I'm sorry I blamed you, but you understand, my sister is everything to me, I thought you killed her spirit, I'd do anything to have the old beau back" he turns to daryl.

"I understand bro" daryl pats him on the back. "I need to go and deal with my so-called brother"

"Daryl, I know you want to hurt him, so do I, but I know beau wouldn't want you to, it's one of the only things that she has left of her old self, I think you owe it to her to try and talk to him," ace says, daryl knows he is right but he has just found out he is a father and has lost his child all in a matter of minutes, rage and emotions are building up inside him and he doesn't know how to control it.

Daryl storms off in the direction of the camp and when his eyes land on merle all he sees is red. "Why didn't you tell me?" Daryl rages and pushes against merles chest.

"It was just a matter of time until you left me for them, I was trying to keep you" merle shouts back

"But she, she needed me!" Daryl yells and pushes again

"I needed you, brother, it was always just us, till the end"

"I had a daughter!" Daryl cries out as his fist collides with his face. "And beau" he hits again "was alone" he hits again "because" and again "of" and again "you" and again. After the last blow, Shane puts him into a chokehold and yells.

"Glenn, T, take merle and Andrea and Jacqui on a supply run, while daryl calms down" still having daryl in a chokehold. Merle gets up wiping away the blood from his nose. And starts walks away.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry brother," merle says looking back at daryl before he leaves.

"You calm now," shape says against as grunting daryl.

"Chokehold is illegal you know" Daryl spits before Shane lets him go.

"Come on" Knox hold out a hand for Daryl to grab. "Beau will want to know everything"

Knox pulls daryl to his feet as the walk towards addy and Shelby who is sat with beau on the grass informing her of the events of today. Beau is crying into Addy's shoulder as Shelby talks.

The boys approach, and beau locks eyes with daryl. Without a second thought, she leaps up and wraps her arms around his shoulders. She cries into his shoulder, the comfort she has been waiting for for 10 years finally in front of her, the comfort that the now knows didn't abandon her through knowledge. Self-blame washes away as she cried harder into his shoulder. All daryl can do at that moment is hold her, his arms pull her closer towards him, him silently telling her that at this moment right now he is here for her.

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