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Hi guys
How you people doing? I know that I don't update often but, oh well
Also, I know my english is not perfect so bare with me please <3
The chapter song is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdQ_X2j9bHg
Or... Lana Del Rey - You can be the boss
I love Lana, sorry
The incredible hot guy on the pic is Trevor!
Mah baby

Capítulo 3 - Chapter Three

Fanfic / Fanfiction Wild Youth (English Version) - Capítulo 3 - Chapter Three


He had a cigarette with his number on it

He gave it over to me "Do you want it?

I knew it was wrong but I palmed it


One more, please.” Liz was a mess of green hair, black eyeliner and sweat. She was lovely with her little glass of vodka. I mean, her now empty glass.

I chuckled while quickly nodding at the bartender.

“Make it two.” I said and handed him also empty glass.

The place was so nice. It was a balanced mix of bright colors of a modern club with a touch of old classic bar music. I understood completely what Liz meant by “our kind of place”. It was challenging to find a place where you could feel like a cool kid as well as a misfit at the same time. Awesome.

“You want vodka too?” The cute bartender asked me. I was already feeling a little bit tipsy so he seemed damn cute for me.

I licked my lips and blinked at his direction.

“What I have been drinking all night long, darling?” My voice cracked.

The bartender laughed, starting making our drinks without bothering to reply me. I found that really rude and I blurted an offended “humpf” before start scratching my neck feeling embarrassed.

“This place rocks.” I turned around out to talk to Liz but she had disappeared.

“It does.” The bartender answered me. I think he thought I was talking to him since Liz wasn’t anywhere close to us.


My unstable best friend.


In a place I knew nothing about.

“Here you go, darling.” The bartender handed my two glasses of pink vodka. It was some weird cocktail that I couldn’t remember what was it called. Then he seemed to notice that Liz was gone. “Where’s that cute little friend of yours?”

I felt sick.

“I… I kinda lost her. I guess.”

He smiled at me. I think I saw a dimple.

“You guess?”


“Tell me her name. We have the shout out here that we can use to look for her.” His eyes were a nice ton of brown.

A shout out?

“A shout out?” I whispered totally lost.

“Yeah, you know. The owner is used to have all kind of folks losing friends here. He’s not crazy for looking drunk people, but he thinks is the better away to keep everything organized. So why don’t we look for you friend? I’ll help you.”

Realization hit me.

“Oh. Would you help me to find her? That’s so kind of you.”

“I know. Just let me get my friend Emma to cover me, okay? I’ll be back in a sec.” Then he disappeared inside of what it looked like a place where they keep all the booze. It seemed like a nice place to hide. What if Liz is there? I wouldn’t be surprise.

I looked down at my glass of vodka while I waited for the bartender to come back. Frowning I poked the liquid with my middle finger. It was wet. I giggled and did it again, this time sinking my whole finger in it.  I laughed some more. I felt so good.

“Are you okay? Even though is kinda cute what you’re doing, you’re scaring the shit out of me, bro.” The bartender was back. He stared down at me with curious eyes.

“What’s your name?” It came to me that I didn’t even know the name of the guy who was willing to help me find my best friend who’s probably lost in the middle of hundreds of people.


“That’s a cool name.” I told him sincerely.

“I know, right?” He smirked then offered me his arm. “Why don’t you hold my arm? It’s kinda crazy here so I wouldn’t be surprise if you got lost or carried away.”

“Sure!” I quickly hold a loose grip in his left arm and with my free hand I offered him a high five.

Adrian accepted my high five happily, his pretty green eyes were looking a tad worried though.

“You are not very tall and your friend is even smaller for what I recall. It’s going to be damn hard to find her!” He said while his eyes scanned the place. The beat of the electronic music that it was playing was insane. I could feel it in my bones.

“But she has green hair!” I told him like it was the obvious thing in the whole world and everyone should know it.

“True that, bro. But still…”

A red head woman came out of nowhere and almost throw up on me. I was pulled out of the way in the very least second by Adrian and he didn’t look very happy about it. Her puke hit the floor.

“Rachel, what the fuck?” He complained while steading me on my feet.

I knew that if I didn’t get a grip of myself, I was so going to be the next Rachel.

The woman looked embarrassed and disappeared in the dancing crowd while making duck noises. I blinked twice not knowing for sure if the duck noises were inside my head or if she was actually blurting them out.

I was about to ask Adrian about it, when he begun leading me to an isolated area of the club. It looked calmer without all the loud electronic music and the dancing folks. I saw red puffs along with some tables full with tequila and realization slowly hit me in the face.

“Uh…” I stared at a couple making out in one of the puffs. It looked like they were about to strip each other’s clothes any second and fuck right there in front of everyone.  “Adrian, I feel like we are intruding their space. Maybe we should…”

A loud laugh startled me.

“You…” Adrian looked like he couldn’t stop laughing.” We are in a public bar slash club where people are almost having sex in front of you and you feel like intruding their space? Haha!”

“Stop laughing.” I ordered him. I didn’t like being laugh at.

“Haha!” The asshole wouldn’t shut up so I smacked his arm hard.

“Aw!” He finally shut up and looked at me with widen eyes.” You psycho!”

“I’m not.” I hissed. “Now please help me to find my friend. She must be so scared without me.”

“Calm down, kid. I know just the right person to help us. Follow me.”

Adrian leaded us to what it seemed the beginning of really weird stair.

“Where are you taking me?” I was a little bit scared because I didn’t in fact knew Adrian at all and going upstairs with him all alone didn’t seem like a wise idea.

He seemed offended with my shaky tone, his nose twisted.

“I’m not taking you anywhere. You only come if you want, I’m not forcing you to anything! Just trying to help you to find your damn friend.”

I was too drunk to feel bad for what I said.

“Then help me.” I demanded.

He stared down at me, looking bored.

“You’re so drunk.” He grabbed my arm and helped me to climb up the stairs. I slowly made it to the top and had to hold on the wall for a sec after getting a little dizzy from all the effort that I did to get there.

“You okay there, champ?” Adrian asked me with a half worried, half mocking tone. He smiled goofily. “Maybe you need to be thrown a bucket filled with cold water?”

I gave him a murderer look.

“Well, lucky you I don’t have a bucket. Or cold water.”

He stopped making fun of me and carried me by the arm trough the hall. A door appeared in my field of vision and I squeeze my eyes.

Wait. A door?

It came to me that we were in some type of studio looking. It had a very small hall that lead to the stairs and just one single door. It was weird. Maybe it was some office? As the club office? I wasn’t sure.

“Now do you hear me out, okay? I’m taking you to my boss so he can help us to find your friend. Just to be clear I never talked to my boss except from when he hired me so don’            t you dare make me get fired, buddy. I won’t beat you because I’m against violence but I will… I will find your house and… cover it with toilet paper… no, I will pee in your front door. That’s what I’ll do.” Adrian threated me and I didn’t take him serious for two really simple reasons. The first was that I was drunk like some overrated rock star and the second was because he was laughing his ass of while improvising all that shit.

“Are you retarded?” I asked sincerely. I reached for his hands and give them a squeeze trying to transmit comfort. “’Cause if you are, it’s okay, I’m not judging.”

“You’re some smartass motherfucker, aren’t you?” He said to me while a genuine smile crossed his face.

I was about to tell him that yes, mine sarcastic nature mixed with mine passion for words made me the smartass guy you’ve ever met, when the door we were both standing in front of opened brutally without any of us knocking on it.

“What the fuck?” A deep voice growled.

I felt like I was hit in the face by a block of concrete. My heart started pounding crazily against my chest and I felt dizzy. I was the kind of person that could be burning inside, but still will not let it show it on the outside, making it look like I was completely fine. Even as drunk as I was, I managed to keep my face emotionless in front of the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. He was totally god-like with an angry frown attached to his face making him look like a panther ready to jump at our throws. His eyes were dark just like his short brown hair and he had an amazing mouth. I avoided to look at his body because I didn’t thought I could’ve handled that in top of everything so I just focused on his eyes instead. Uh. Bad idea. He has some hypnotizing eyes that I… Abort mission. Abort mission.

“Travis, man!” Adrian placed a hand on the guy’s left shoulder and squeezed. “That’s…” He looked at me and I realized that I didn’t tell Adrian my name. “What’s your name?”

“Chris.” The guy’s eyes, Travis eyes, landed in me and I faced Adrian to avoid looking at him too much. “Christopher.”

“This is Chris.” Adrian pointed at me like the other guy eyes weren’t fixed in mine direction. “He lost his friend. It is his first time around here so…”

Travis snorted.

“So you thought that you should bring him here in order to get help because you couldn’t find his friend yourself?” He asked like he was talking to a child.

Adrian looked embarrassed.

“Something like that…”

“Well, Adrian told me that you guys have a system around here that implies that whenever someone is looking for a lost friend they should come to you. You know, to keep things organized. So why the fuck are you mocking him for doing as told?” The things that I was saying would have sounded a thousand times better if I sober, but since I was drunk they came out as clumsy, tangled words.

Travis gave two large steps in my direction. I didn’t back off and looked to his eyes trying to keep it cool. Just then I realized he was tall as hell.

“You’re right, boy. We do have a system here. You see, when someone lost a friend we immediately get concerned, you know why?” He asked, his dark piercing eyes staring at me with such energy that I could feel it on the tip of my fingers.

I gulped and clenched my hands trying to get rid of the sparks of energy that licked the palm of my hand. Boy? He was not much older than me. Five years at most.

“Because you don’t want people takings risks?” I replied him as if it was the most obvious thing. “When someone say they lost their friend, this person may be in danger.”

Travis looked amused. Not good.

“Danger? In my bar? How so?”

“Don’t look so offended. There’s danger everywhere.” I said.

“There isn’t danger everywhere. There’s dangerous people everywhere.” He pointed that out like it was a big deal. He didn’t sound like those pretentious assholes who say stuff like that just to sound smart when in fact they don’t have a first clue about what they are talking about. He actually sound like he believe in it.

“Is there a difference?” I asked with impatience.

“Yeah.” With his deep voice, he got me all shivering. “There’s a difference.”

“You two gonna bang?”

I almost jumped at the sound of Adrian’s playfully voice. The asshole was grinning like there’s no tomorrow until Travis turned around to face him making Adrian’s laugh die drily in his throw. I didn’t blushed, but my head got fuzzy at his comment.

“I have to find my friend. She’s not…”

“How she looks like?” Travis asked me abruptly while his hands closed the door behind him. I tried to peek on it to see what’s inside of it, but I couldn’t see almost nothing before he closed the door. I just saw that it looked like an office.

“She has green hair and, hum… she’s very tin.” I said. Liz would kill me if she could hear how I was describing her.

“How’s she dressed?” Adrian joined Travis on the questions and I could feel myself growing impatience.

“She’s wearing a purple dress.” I replied and took a deep breathe. “Look, if you guys are going to keep asking questions instead of actually do something, I…”

“Shut up.” Travis said. I opened my mouth feeling very offended when I saw a dirty smile crossing his face. “You talk too much.”

“My zodiac sign is Virgo, okay? Also my ascendant is Gemini, so don’t be an asshole about me talking too much.” I was really pissed.

“Your what?” Travis and Adrian said at the same time making me frown.

I turned my back on them and started to make my way downstairs. I was still a little drunk but I did my best to keep walking straight. I could see that Adrian and Travis were following me, whispering to each other. My body really desired to walk close to Travis but my mind knew better and decided to keep walking without looking back.

“Hey, Chris!” Adrian called me and grabbed my arm. We had already made it to the puffs area and I as avoiding to look at the couples that were making out there.

“What?” I said and stopped to see what Adrian wanted.

“Travis knows who your friend is with.” He said getting my attention.

“Liz is with someone?” I walked until I was facing Travis. I narrowed my eyes. “Who’s she with?”

He stared down at me and I suddenly had the urge to bite my lower lip, but I didn’t. 

“She’s with my sister.” He said then scratched his stomach. My eyes followed his moves unconsciously.

“Your sister?” I repeated.

“Yeah. My sister.” He laughed a little then became serious. “Don’t worry. Your friend is probably fine. I mean, I hope my sister likes her then she’ll be fine.”

I let it out a shaky breathe. I didn’t know if I was feeling so good anymore.  











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