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História "with blood on the paper." - Capítulo 4

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Capítulo 4 - Choices

"why me"

× I had a choice but I chose you.  

× I blindly chose the one I wanted for my life and suffered the most painful consequences.  

× You imprisoned me and made me your slave.

× Winged knight may well look like it, but your interior makes entire mountains collapse.

× I can't think of being bored and letting go of the frustration of my choices that I followed free will.

× I want to go back.  

× I want to build the time machine in my mind and eliminate all the information my neurons have stored about you. 

× I will leave you and go to the one that did me good.  

× It left me sane all this time and I didn't want to hear a single syllable spoken by his vocal cords.

× Go back to decide who I want the least and leave who I most dreamed of having.

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