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História "with blood on the paper." - Capítulo 5

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Capítulo 5 - Cube

"if you are safe, them i am safe"

× Iron tips 

with blood written on them, 

without mercy and without mercy 

for each of my wounds.

× Roses of pure suffering 

form in my body.

Tears I shed 

with each movement of them.

× Is that it?

Can I only be here?

Everything I live 

is within four painful walls.

× I don't feel anything anymore.

It drowned out my voice.

Cut the line of thought 

that brings the memories.

× That sweet spring 

is shaken.

Destroyed by this sword 

that is embedded in my heart that 

ended it all.

× Why live this more?

This spilled blood 

is proof of how useless 

I was.

× In my last blink, these roses 

drinking my blood, bloom.

In my heart they grow.

I gave my being and gave birth to another

within this cube that we call life.

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