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História You are the cause of my euphoria (Jungkook imagine) - Capítulo 35

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Helloo !💜

Capítulo 35 - Chapter 35

\ LISA \


(doorbell rings)

JS: Extremely punctual. I’m impressed. I have a feeling that Jimin is a keeper.


Jisoo opened the front door.

JM: He-- (embarrassed) Oh, Jisoo! Hey. I wasn’t expecting you to open the door, sorry.

JS: (chuckles) No, no, it’s okay. I see that you got to the right place easily. She’ll be here in a moment.

JM: It was nice seeing you again. (smiles)

JS: Oh my god, sorry. You’re so cute. It’s nice seeing you too. Do me a favor, take good care of her. (winks)

JM: (blushes) I will.

LS: Sorry I took so long.

JM: It’s okay. (smiles) Shall we?

LS: Yes.

JS: Have fun.

LS: Thank you. Bye!

JS: Bye!

Jisoo closed the door right behind them.

\ YN \

(doorbell rings)

JK: Oh, That’s probably my father with the money.

Jungkook opened the door and his father handed him a big black duffle bag with the money inside it.

AP: I want to meet this girlfriend.

JK: Okay. But not today. I’ll call you later to discuss this. Thank you for coming here.

AP: No problem. Bye.

He closed the door and got back there with the money in his hands.

JK: So, what do we do now?

MG: We have to know where to put the money. And then, when he comes to get it, we’ll arrest him.

JK: Isn’t that too dangerous? What if he manages to escape? He could hurt her. Can’t we just end this and let him keep the money?

MG: It would be better if we didn’t.

YN: It’s okay, Jungkook. Thank you.


??: “Drop the money at 20H00 outside the subway station’s bathroom and walk away”


YN: It’s 19H00… I have to hurry up.

JK: Wait, wait. You’re the one that’s gonna take the money?

YN: I have to. He’ll probably be there watching me. And he can’t know I told the police about it.

JK: No, YN, you can’t go.

YN: Jungkook, I have no choice.

JK: Fine. But I’m going with you.

YN: Jungkook, don’t make this harder than it is.

JK: Harder? Do you know what it’s like for me too? Of course it’s nothing compared to what you’re feeling right now, but I’m suffering too. Do you think I like seeing my girlfriend like this? Someone gambling with your life? I’m not gonna lose you YN. So you are not going there alone.

YN: (crying) Thank you. But you can’t go inside. You’ll stay in the car.

JK: Seriously?

YN: I’ll be in more danger if I don’t go inside alone. He said to drop the money and walk away. That’s what I’m going to do.

JK: Fine. Let’s go.

You and Jungkook got inside his car and he drove you to the subway station.

 YN: Thank you. For everything.

JK: I told you, I’m always here for anything.

 He leaned in and held your face with both his hands. 

JK: I love you. More than anything. (a tear streamed down his face)

YN: I love you too.

JK: Now go. (kisses you)


Jungkook was nervous. He felt like something wasn’t right. But all he cared in the moment was YN’s safety. YN left the car and started walking.

\ YN \

You opened the car door and got out of it. You started walking towards the subway station when suddenly… It all went black.

Notas Finais

😳😳 What do you think happened?

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