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Categorias Mark "Markiplier" Edward Fischbach, Seán "Jacksepticeye" William McLoughlin
Personagens Mark "Markiplier" Edward Fischbach, Seán "Jacksepticeye" William McLoughlin
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Notas do Autor

Hey folks, this is probably my first yaoi fanfic in english, so I hope yall enjoy this One Shot between one of the greatest youtubers of the whole internet: Markiplier & Jacksepticeye

WARNING: This fanfic has a single chapter, please do not steal my content!

Capítulo 1 - One Shot

Friday, 08:00 AM

Jacksepticeye's House

P.O.V Sean ~

I woke up so tired cause I stayed up all night doing a livestream with Mark, Felix and Bob. It's so cool to play with them. They are like a second family for me, specially Mark who keeps winning me all the time. I don't mind If It makes him happy. Mark is like a brother for me, cause he is always by my side in the happiest and saddest moments of my life. I'm glad to have found him on Tumblr when I was bored on internet and I was just watching pictures.

I stood up unwillingly and scratched the back of my head, messing with the hair that was in front of my eyes, going to the bathroom for a quick shower. After finishing, I wrapped a towel around my waist and dried my hair, combing it with my own fingers until I found a good position to make my hair look nice.

I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I made two cheese toast with butter on top and an coffe to wake me up. Taking everything on a plate to my room, since I don't like to feel very lonelly at the table, I could stay in my room watching videos or talking with friends on Facebook.

I put the plate on a table near the computer keyboard and went to get dressed, I puted on a simple green shirt and blue jeans, finally putting on black "All Star" boots. I sat in my chair facing my monitors and started wandering around the internet since I was bored and wanted to look for something to do before making a new video.

Meanwhile, I ended up getting a call on Mark's Discord, I answered.

— Good Morning, Sean! — he said —

— Sup! — I said excited —

— What are you up to this weekend? — asked curious —

— I don't know, I was thinking that you could play Overwatch with me and Bob — I said after sipping my coffee —

— Can I invite Felix too? — asked —

— Sure!

We stayed some time without talking until Mark pulled the subject, making me blush with his question.

— Do you want to be with me this afternoon?

I didn't know what to say, so I freezed in the worst moment and started to stutter.

— Ah...w-well, if you don't have anything else to do...we can b-be t-t-together — I blushed so hard even my face felt so hot —

— Yeah, sure — he laughed low — but, why did you stutter?

— N-Nothing...I just — I tried to find an execuse — dranked my coffe too fast!

— Okay... — he said confused — well, see ya later then, I will be in your house at 02:00 PM

— Cool — I stoped blushing — Deuces!

— Bye!

I letted out a sigh, and leaned back against the chair, spinning it quickly as I thought about what had happened and why I blushed when he said he was coming to my house in the afternoon. Weird. I started to get nauseous, so I stopped wheeling in the chair like a carousel and went do some research on google.

Friday, 10:00 PM

Markiplier's House

P.O.V Mark ~

I was so excited to see Sean, didn't know why, we are like always together but it's been a while since we've seen each other without a call. It's weird how I miss his blue eyes and green hair always messy in his face, so sexy. Why I said this? I'm getting crazy...better focus on making the video.

I straightened the camera and then my hair, wiping my glasses back and forth. I turn on the camera and then the one on the screen

— Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to... — I had forgotten the name of the game, I gave pause, because my mind was infected with images of Sean that did not leave my head —

I went into the bathroom a little scared and washed my face with cold water to try to refresh my memory, why can't I get Sean out of my head? I looked up, encountering my reflection, to which I closed my eyes and fists strong, trying to forget what I had thought until I relaxed and went back to my room to make the video.

I finally finished the video after half hour playing.

— And as always. I will see you, in the next video...Ba-Bye!

I turned the camera off and looked at the hours, seeing that it was still a few hours before I went to Sean's house, so I edited the video and finally posted it.

Friday, 01:00 PM

Jacksepticeye's house

P.O.V Sean ~

I just had lunch and I set the dishes, looking distractedly at the time, seeing that it was an hour before he arrived, I got scared and went to get some games to play on.

I was so nervous, so I picked a game and started playing just to forget that Mark was finally comming.

In the middle of the game I heard the bell ring and paused the game, taking a deep breath and going to the door, finding the red-haired boy who I had expected to arrive since morning.

— Mark! — I almost scream his name, giving him a big hug —

— Is nice to see you too again, pal — laughed, hugging me back —

His scent invaded my nose, hugging him even more cause of the longing I had to be able to touch him again.

— Ah...Sean — he called me —, can you let me go now?

— Oh...yeah, sorry — I stopped with the head down for shame —

— Hey, no problem, bro — gave me a slight elbow on my shoulder —

— Haha — I blushed and laughed like an idiot —

— What are you playing? — asked me when he saw the game paused —

— Mario Kart — answered — Wanna play too?

— Yeah! — said excited —

We went to the leaving room and I picked up a remote control for Mark and setted by his side.

— May the game begin! — said chalenging him for a run match —

Mark sight and stares at me with a smile that goes from ear to ear

— I'll defenelly win, you suck at this game — laughed —

— Oh, yeah — smile — Let's make a bet, then...if I win you need to tweet that you're gay

— What about a kiss instead of that, ahm? — I blushed really hard with his proposal —

— Done! — I accepted without thinking twice — what if I lose?

— I don't have to kiss you — giggles and starts chosing his character to play with —

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath as I knew I could not miss this match, cause of a...kiss? I'm getting crazy, this is stupid, what the fuck is wrong with me?

We started the match and I noticed I was losing in the middle of the race, begining to sweat. I stared at him for a few seconds while he was smiling at the monitor, being enough to distract myself and hit my kart at a stone and finally lose in the end of the game.

— Yes, I made it! — celebrates his victory —

— Congrats, Mark — I got a little upset cause I lost my oportunity — Now you don't need to kiss me

I sighed and felt one of his hands pull my face suddenly to his, curling me smiling.

— I don't give a fuck, Sean — His face moved quickly closer to mine and our lips finally sealed in a slow and gentle kiss —

— M-Mark? — I tried to call him but he starts kissing and licking my neck, covering my mouth with my hand, blushing harder —

Meanwhile he stops and looks at me innocently, I get up and go towards the kitchen to get some water to calm myself down. What just happened?

I hear Mark's footsteps approachin, staring at him as if nothing had happened.

— Do you want something? — I asked while I went to the cupboard — I'm sorry for what hap...

I'm interrupted when he pushes me into the cupboard and kisses me, but this time more wild and intense, holding me by the waist while stroking his hair gently around my fingers. Until we get a short of breath and tried to recover the air quickly to start another deep kiss.

His hands begin to rise slowly down my back, holding me tight and placing me on the top of the sink without interrupting the kiss.

We stopped meanwhile with the short of breath, staring at him intensely and passionately, he smiles sheepishly and give me a short kiss in the nose.

— I want to show you something — I said almost whispering, helping me getting out of the sink —

I picked Mark's hand and taked him to the terrace where it has a beautiful view of the dark sky illuminated of stars.

— That is so cool — said looking to the sky — How did you know that I loved space that much?

— I know everything bout you — laugh —

— I see — laugh with me while looking at the sky like a cat —

We spent a while talking about random subjects, sitting on a blanket facing the sky.

— Sean, can I ask you something? — He keeps staring at the stars —

— Sure — answered —

— Do you ever felt so in love for someone that you couldn't even take it out of your head? — he finally looks at me —

— To be honest, no — I said kinda emotional — It is the first time that I feel like this cause of you — I saw him blush and giggles, lying on the blanket, I lie on his side —

— You know, there's nothing I like most then space...

— Why?

— Cause It is the most beautifull think I ever saw in my entire life and the story of why...it's just perfect — smiles and looks at me — And you're that universe, Sean...You're my universe — I blush really hard with his words, interlacing our hands —

— I love you, Mark — he intertwin our hands —

— Love you too, Sean — smiles —

Something appears in front of us and starts licking Marks face...it was his dog Chica.

— Heya Chica — gave affection to the animal —

— Were Chica came from? — I asked confused, getting up —

— I have no ideia — starts laughing —

I laugh with him and saw a shooting star passing throw the sky. I obviously I asked for a wish, and I saw Mark doing the same and when we finished we kissed and got inside of the house cause It was getting cold.

"I wish everyone I met in this journey never leaves"

— Sean McLoughlin

"I wish that everything I fight for, never ends"

— Mark Fischbach

Notas Finais

Hope yall liked this One Shot, and if yall want more of this kinda of fanfics please coment and give a like to know your opinion!

Sorry for my bad english, btw ;^;

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