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História Youre stupid - Capítulo 2

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Capítulo 2 - Audacity

Fanfic / Fanfiction Youre stupid - Capítulo 2 - Audacity

jungkook stared lovingly at the older.

“why do you want to kiss me?” yoongi asked. 

“because i like you,” replied jungkook bluntly. 

yoongi tore his eyes away from jungkook and felt his pale cheeks become hot. he pursed his lips, mentally cursing himself for blushing.

“hyung, did i make you blush?” jungkook said, trying not to laugh.

“no. no i am not! i’m j-just hot,” yoongi said.

“is it because i’m in here possibly?” jungkook smirked. 

“on my God, can you please go away?” yoongi burried his face in his gray fluffy pillow. for those of you who didn’t already know, they were at their friend, jin’s house. he had invited other people, who they are also friends with jimin, and taehyung. they were all going to spend the night together at jin's house. jungkook and yoongi were alone. together. in a bedroom. where things were bound to happen. in the bedroom. with each other. alone.

“no,” jungkook said. he leaned closer to yoongi, taking the pillow away from yoongi’s pink face.

“i won’t bother taehyung,” the way jungkook stared at yoongi was filled with such intensity. intensity of love. his stare made yoongi’s heart race. he looked back at jungkook.

“why do you like me? i’ve always been a bitch to you and—” yoongi was cut off by jungkook. 

“well, that was when i deserved it, hyung. i was playing with your heart then. i made you feel like i liked you and then when you finally told me about it i got scared and told you no one would ever love you. not even i. even though i did. i still do. and i’m sorry i did that to you...i wish i never did that, hyung...” jungkook was crying now. so was yoongi. they were a crying mess. but at least they were together. jungkook cried on yoongi’s shoulder as yoongi cried while playing with jungkook’s soft brown hair. jungkook sniffed. 

“don’t dwell on the past jungkook. it’s not worth it to cry on the past because no one cares about it except you,” yoongi explained. jungkook looked up at yoongi. his eyes were red and puffy. it made jungkook look even cuter than he already was. 

“i made you cry too...hyung, i—” this time, yoongi cut him off.

“it’s natural for people to cry, jungkook. you act like you’ve never seen my cry before,” 

“but i haven’t,”


“you look cute though. with puffy eyes,”

“you compliment people while they cry?”

“no! i just—”

“relax, i’m kidding,” 

jungkook sniffed again, and looked down. 

“i still want you to kiss me, y’know,” jungkook bit his bottom lip.

yoongi sighed.

“well that’s not gonna happen...so i guess that means you’re gonna have to kiss me yourself,”

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