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História Youre stupid - Capítulo 3

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this is the only chapter wherw things are pg-13

Capítulo 3 - Epilogue

Fanfic / Fanfiction Youre stupid - Capítulo 3 - Epilogue


“i said you’ll have to kiss me yourself,”

yoongi acted like he didn't want jungkook to kiss him. he did. a lot. even though there was that time where jungkook had become a bitch to yoongi, that was in the past. yoongi knew that jungkook wasn’t playing around this time. he had his heart broken once before. he didn’t try to let jungkook back in. he even tried to forget that happened. but it’s hard to forget the person who broke your heart.

“but i thought you didn’t like me anymore...i mean after what i did to you? i would hate me for doing that,” jungkook said fiddling with his fingers. 

“i didn’t like you then, but i forgave you a long time ago,” said yoongi.

“you did?” a small smile rested on jungkook’s lips. “i can’t repair your heart.....but i can repair you trust, right?”

“you already did,”

“and the way to stitch it up...”

jungkook put yoongi’s gray fluffy pillow on the bed and he got close to yoongi’s face. yoongi had turned pink again. 

“is with a kiss,” 

jungkook connected his lips with yoongi’s soft pink ones. yoongi kissed the younger back, the kiss steady and slow, but filled with love. jungkook put his hand on yoongi’s cheek as yoongi put his arms around jungkook’s neck. yoongi loved the way jungkook’s lips fit so perfectly on his mouth. jungkook loved yoongi’s lips. he loved everything about them. he loved how soft they looked. he loved how yoongi’s lips curled into gummy smiles. he loved how kitten-like they looked.

he loved yoongi. 

jungkook slipped his tongue in yoongi’s mouth, swirling it in the elder’s mouth. yoongi sighed heavily in jungkook’s mouth. jungkook bit yoongi’s bottom lip. after getting out of breath, they pulled away. 

“you...finally let me kiss you...” jungkook panted.

“yes...yes i did...” yoongi licked his lips.

“yoongi, i,—” 

jin barged in.

“y’all being awfully quiet. what are you doing in here?” jin said, putting his hand on his hip, leaning on the door. 

“we...are discussing what to do for the rest of the night,” yoongi lied. 

“i would’ve heard you guys,” jin narrowed his eyes.

“we were discussing it quietly because we thought you were sleep, hyung,” jungkook added.

“oh...well y’all want any food? jimin and tae got some stuff,” jin said.

“yeah...yeah sure,” yoongi nodded slowly.

“your lips are really red, yoongi. you should get that checked out,” jin tapped the door twice and left. yoongi and jungkook let out a sigh of relief. despite jin’s ethereal looks, he was still very much single. he’s also gay, so it’s hard to find a guy who didn’t just like him for his looks and cooking skills. 

“we should tell them,” jungkook grabbed yoongi’s hand making him stand up. “about us i mean,”

“i...i do too...” yoongi agreed.

they went into the kitchen and found jin talking obnoxiously loud, jimin drinking a juice box, and taehyung staring at jin. everyone knew taehyung liked jin. except jin himself. 

“peoples!” jimin set his juice box on the marble table and ran towards yoongi and jungkook. he hugged them both and smiled at them.

“chim, you’re unusually happy,” yoongi raised an eyebrow.

“i know!” jimin leaned in close to yoongi and jungkook and whispered. “i feel like today’s the day,” 

“that they’re—” jungkook pointed at jin then taehyung.

“what else do i mean, kook?” jimin pouted, crossing his arms.

“yeah, okay, okay,” jungkook glared at jimin and went to go to the bag of food on the table. 

jimin and yoongi walked towards the table. taehyung had rested his face on his hand. his elbow on the table. he was pouting also.

“...i couldn't believe it! i thought that it couldn’t happen but it did!” jin said, using his hands dramatically as he talked. 

“no luck?” asked jimin. 

“no...” taehyung said slowly and sadly. jimin patted taehyung on the back. taehyung is handsome. his face was usually happy but today it looked sad. it looked heartbroken. taehyung put both his hands on the table and sighed. jin seemed to notice taehyung’s change of mood. 

“tae, are you alright? you seem a little off,” jin asked.

“i’m fine, hyung. don’t worry about it,” taehyung said sadly.

“my mother senses are tingling, though,” jin said.

“hyung, i’m—” jin had cut taehyung’s words off by putting his hand on the younger’s. 

“you can talk to me, tae,” jin said softly. taehyung nodded and inhaled. 

“would you mind if...?” jin asked.

“let’s go play some video games!” jungkook pulled yoongi by his hand with jimin behind him. 

Taehyung & Jin’s POV


after the trio had left, taehyung and jin were alone. they were still holding hands. taehyung didn’t want to let go. jin didn’t want to let go. they were both afraid that if they let go, then they would lose each other. 

“so what’s bothering you?” asked jin.

“it doesn’t matter now. you don’t like me the same way i like you, hyung,” taehyung said.

“you like me more than friends. i know, tae,” jin said solemnly.

“you knew?” 

“i’m oblivious but not that oblivious,” 

“then why didn’t you say anything?” 

“because i wanted to be sure. i didn’t want to like you just because you liked me. i didn’t want to break your heart. i know how much it hurts to get your heart broken,” 

“do you like me back?”

“of course i like you. i really do,” 

“i’m happy you do,” taehyung glanced at jin’s lips and took a few steps towards him until he was right in front of him. “i really am,”

“you wanna know how i realized it? i realized first that you’ve been staring at me a lot and your eyes were sparkling every time, so i thought i knew i’m handsome and all that, but that’s just me being a bit full of myself. then i—” 

taehyung had cupped jin’s face and kissed jin. he pulled away. jin was stunned.

“you know you talk a lot?” taehyung whispered.

“i’m offended but yes. now less talking, more kissing,” jin replied, grabbing taehyung by his waist. they kissed again, except it was longer and more loving. taehyung had got his wish. he was finally with the male he had been crushing on for forever. jin had also gotten his wish. he was able to kiss taehyung. and he didn’t just like the kisses. he loved it. he loved taehyung.

after that time at jin’s house, nothing was the same. jin and taehyung were in a relationship with each other. jimin and his boyfriend, hoseok, had moved in together. yoongi and jungkook were totally in love with each other. the funny thing about love is that you never expect it. yoongi never thought that the person who broke his heart in the first place would end up being his boyfriend. jungkook didn’t think yoongi would even forgive him for what he did a year ago. thy were able to go past that and think about something more powerful than that. 

how much they’re stupidly in love with each other.

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and that is the end.

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