Jornal 500 (120) Days Without Her.

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So we first met.

You seemed to be an perfect person, thats because we shipp Ziam like Coke and Pizza.
Then in a couple seconds we were there, talking about how love is supposed to be by just check Ziam's life.

We both agreed that when something is meant to be, it'll be in one way or another. Just like the two of us in that little space of time.

Sooner, we'd turned into Harry (you) and Louis (me). We do forget about the world and you may not had realized, but people started to shipping us. For them, we were the mirror of representation of love.

But then I did fall in love with you. For real. You know what they say: The heart wants what it wants.
Yes, I know, it was the mistake. Everything between us was just so good that I didn't realized that a feeling could destroy our short history.
The most important thing was: It wasn't mutual.

We got separated. People asked me why, I said "I am actually in love with her, but she did not correspond."
Literally, we turned apart (for like, three hours).

The time just passed, letting me breath. My "crush" for you was there, but not completely.
But I'm fine and you know it.

We made a deal and we still continue to be best friends.

You'd made me laugh and feel happy all the time. The.Hole.Time. Even with my two older years and more experiences in bad jokes...
I've started to known what "love" feels like.
My feelings for you.

But look, you did correspoded that love feeling. Not in my way, but anyway, now is mutual, right?
Larry is finally real. We have our moments, only ours.

But thats not the end.
In the end, I'm staying alone because of your own reasons to leave me.
Now, I just hope you come back to me, because our right place is together as long as we can.
Please, make it happen. I can't wait to be with you again.
"I don't want us to be strangers."

I love you, Harry Styles.
Eu te amo, Yasmin.
Você é minha.


Louis xx.

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