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I am Kagome team because, although it was from a different era, has agreed to be the guardian. She was away from family, and faced many dangers, but stayed. When she discovered the relationship between Inuyasha and Kikyo, even hurt by indecision of yōkai, she understood what united them, and decided it would continue beside him.

In addition, she has never tried to change it. She loved the way he was. After all, love “suffers everything, always trusts, hopes all, endures all things.”

About Kikyo: I suffered a lot from her story, and I do not hate her - despite the anime have left her as evil at all - but she died. This is reason enough to not want that Inuyasha live forever with her - which is very sad, because she died don’t believing in his love. It all was destined; that is reason I was very happy with the end of the story - though I cried a river with the kikyo.

Lendo: ReLife, vol. 5 | Fairy Tail, vol. 55
Assistindo: Game Of Thrones

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