Jornal Lesson 1 Greek Mythology

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Lesson 1 Greek Mythology

Hello Demigods Welcome to First Class Camp Half -Blood But first I want to tell this kind of classes are for people who unfortunately Satyr Conseguio not survive or otherwise ... So the lesson of today is Basico a Smideus should know ... Come on !

Pégasus -Pegasus (Greek: Πήγασος; transl .: Pegasus) is a winged symbol of immortality horse. His figure is originally from Greek mythology, in this myth of Perseus and Medusa.
Pegasus was born from Medusa's blood when it was decapitated by Perseus.
Bellerophon killed Chimera powerful, riding Pegasus after tame it with Athena's help and the golden bridle, which then tried to use it to get to Olympus. But Zeus made him overthrow his rider making a wasp sting, and Bellerophon died due to the great height. Zeus rewarded him turning it in the constellation Pegasus, which should henceforth be at the service of the gods. Another story says that when Zeus sent the wasp and Bellerophon fell, Athena ordered the ground to stay soft, so he would not die by the fall.
Pegasus is considered by many, the King of Heaven. Perseus used it as transportation, eg in the film Clash of the Titans. (But remember that in Greek mythology, Perseus has ever ridden Pegasus, the one who rode Pegasus was Bellerophon.

That was today's class to see you tomorrow -is Demigods

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