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Vamos falar sobre o fim da banda my chemical romance

Todos nós ainda estamos em choque com a notícia do fim do My Chemical Romance, mas reunimos em um post alguns tweets de artistas, amigos da banda e membros da banda comentando o fim do MyChem. Confira:

“Além de qualquer tristeza, o que eu mais sinto é orgulho.” – Gerard Way

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No domingo (24), Gerard postou um texto sobre o fim da banda, que você pode lêr aqui (em inglês).

A Vigil, On Birds and Glass. I woke up this morning still dreaming, or not fully aware of myself just yet. (cont)

— Gerard Sleigh (@gerardway) March 25, 2013

Mikey, postou dois tweets no domingo (24), que entre outras coisas, comentando que o fim da banda não teve nada a haver com a sua vida pessoal.

I want to thank everybody who helped make the past 12 years an unforgettable journey for me. Family, friends and fans- Thank You

— Mikey Way (@mikeyway) March 24, 2013

Lindsey Way, comenta em um breve texto, como conheceu o MyChem lá em 2002 e entre outras coisas ela fala no texto que “Como uma fã do MCR, meu coração está quebrado” e “Embora eu perca profundamente o MCR, estou animado para o que Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero e Ray Toro vão fazer a seguir”, leia (em inglês) tudo o que ela disse aqui.

In 2002 I saw MCR for the first time. I remember feeling privileged- like I had just witnessed something (cont)

— Lindsey Way (@lynzway) March 23, 2013

“Fãs do MCR, não se desesperem. quando uma porta se fecha, outra se abre. a espera” – Mat Devine

MCR fans, don't despair. when one door closes another opens. stand by

— mat devine (@matdevineslife) March 23, 2013

On a serious note: I see your comments and sincerely feel your pain, MCR fans. The beauty of music is that (cont)

— Kitty (@kittymsi) March 25, 2013

- Kitty, MSI

Sorry to hear #MCR broke up. I hope the band + the #killjoys / #MCRmy are all doing ok. Our hearts go out to those who are sad. XO

— JARED LETO (@JaredLeto) March 23, 2013

- Jared Leto, 30 Seconds To Mars
@j0hnlock @gerardway MCR has disbanded Really ? That's very sad. I hope not for long. Bri

— Dr. Brian May (@DrBrianMay) March 26, 2013

- Brian May, Queen

RIP @MCRofficial They literally changed my life professionally & personally. We'll carry on… …

— Jeff Watson (@iamwatson) March 23, 2013

- Jeff Watson

End of an era #mcrmy #mcr. Pretty nuts.

— Mikael Mossberg (@mikaelgm) March 23, 2013

- Mikael Mossberg

Lucky enough to share the stage, work with & call these guys friends. They leave a perfect musical legacy for us all to enjoy #mcr

— LostAlone (@lostalone) March 23, 2013

- Lost Alone

What's everyone's thoughts on the MCR split? One of the greatest bands I've ever toured with.

— ALAN ϟ WILLIAMSON (@AlanTWilliamson) March 23, 2013

- Alan Williamson, Lost Alone

Truly a bummer that we didn’t get close to the my chemical romance dudes until recently. We really hit it off with some of them.

— Jack Barakat (@JackAllTimeLow) March 23, 2013

And became very close with Mikey. Would have been the perfect tour. Gonna miss them. And also their amazing music

— Jack Barakat (@JackAllTimeLow) March 23, 2013

- Jack Barakat, All Time Low

Couldn't have said it any better! MCR will be missed. @JackAllTimeLow

— Alexander William (@AlexAllTimeLow) March 23, 2013

-Alexander William, All Time Low

Sucks that MCR broke up. It was my fault, and I'm sorry.

— |/|@r|{ )(0%ü$ (@markhoppus) March 23, 2013

- Mark Hoppus, Blink-182

RIP My Chemical Romance. Great band. Better friends.

— Shaun Simon (@ShaunSimon) March 23, 2013

- Shaun Simon

I just want to say – the last 5 lines of Gerard's letter on the MCR break up gave me chills. Those guys were always so cool to us. <3

— hayley from Paramore (@yelyahwilliams) March 25, 2013

- Hayley Williams, Paramore

Always had a deep respect for what MCR represented. Thanks for fighting the good fight & giving people hope through your music fellas

— Andy Biersack (@AndyBVB) March 23, 2013

- Andy Biersack, Black Veil Brides

Sad to hear that My Chemical Romance broke up. We once played a meth lab together in Tennessee. I always wanted to do a full tour together.

— Laura Jane Grace (@LauraJaneGrace) March 23, 2013

- Laura Jane Grace, Against Me!

Very saddened to hear about the break up of My Chemical Romance. They were a huuuge influence early on.

— IceColdOrtiz (@Robertthelegend) March 23, 2013

- Robert Ortiz, Escape The Fate

MCR have split?! Oh. My. God. I am actually devastated. I love that band.

— Aled Phillips (@aledsavedlatin) March 23, 2013

- Aled Phillips, Kids In Glass Houses

Gutted about My chemical Romance

— Gustav Wood (@Gustav_Wood) March 23, 2013

- Gustav Wood, Young Guns

My Chemical Romance will always be one of my favourite bands. Absolutely gutted they're calling it a day.

— Jono Yates (@jonoBLITZ) March 23, 2013

- Jono Yates, Blitz Kids

Really sad to hear about My Chemical Romance… Amazing band that inspired many. Keep happy peeps <3

— FVK (@fvkillers) March 23, 2013

-Fearless Vampire Killers

Gutted about MCR. Excited at what's next.

— Sean Smith (@SeanSmithSucks) March 23, 2013

- Sean Smith, The Blackout

I have no idea what My Chemical Romance think they're doing splitting up. Amazing band, so far ahead of the pack it's embarrassing. Gutted

— James McMahon (@jamesjammcmahon) March 23, 2013

Has anyone set up an 'My Chemical Romance have broken up hotline' yet? (File under: good ideas)

— James McMahon (@jamesjammcmahon) March 23, 2013

The thing that fucks me off about MCR split is there was so much left for them to do. Wasn't time. It's too soon. Rock is more boring now

— James McMahon (@jamesjammcmahon) March 23, 2013

We're not okay (we promise)

— Kerrang! Magazine (@KerrangMagazine) March 23, 2013

- James McMahon, Kerrang! Magazine

Mais cedo ontem(22), o guitarrista Frank Iero postou o seguinte tweet enigmático:

Things that should be simple and easy rarely ever are.

— frnkiero (@FrankIero) March 23, 2013

Frank Iero e Ray Toro ainda não se pronunciaram até o momento, depois do anuncio.

My Chemical Romance estava trabalhando no quinto álbum de estúdio antes do anúncio, Mat Devine chegou a escutar quatro novas músicas desse novo álbum e comentou em entrevista que “Ele é incrível!”,“É levemente um novo território: é uma evolução.”

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