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Fanfic / Fanfiction Inside BTS Dorm
Capítulos 39
Palavras 31.413
Idioma English
Categorias Bangtan Boys (BTS)
Gêneros Aventura, Comédia, Drama (Tragédia), Ficção, Fluffy, Hentai, Romance e Novela, Violência, Yaoi (Gay)
"The bad news is... you are not allowed to go out in this dorm." Their manager said.

"What? Are you kidding us?" Suga said as soon as he heard him.

Find out what will happen inside.
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Fanfic / Fanfiction 3 Months With BTS
Em andamento
Capítulos 1
Palavras 403
Idioma English
Categorias Bangtan Boys (BTS)
Gêneros Comédia, Famí­lia, Festa, Romance e Novela, Shoujo (Romântico)
Jennifer is a 18 brazilian girl that wins an international contest in which the prize is pass 3 months with the south-korean group Bangtan Boys (BTS). “3 Months With BTS” is a Reality Show, then Jennifer and the members are being filmed almost all the time.
What do will a kpopper in the middle of her favorites singers and dancers? How they will react in front of a occidental fan who will live with them for three months and will participate of all their activities? Discover, in 3 Months With BTS!
Note: This fanfic it's brazilian originally, and the original language is portuguese. I'll translate it because I want to practice my english and because I want to show our fanfic to another countries! So, if you found some mistake in my written, Point it on comments please. I hope you enjoy of our fanfic! Thank you and have a good read!
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