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Fanfic / Fanfiction The Ice Queen and the Winter Spirit
Capítulos 15
Palavras 22.319
Idioma English
Categorias A Origem dos Guardiões, Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante
Gêneros Aventura, Crossover, Famí­lia, Ficção, Romance e Novela, Shoujo (Romântico)
Jack Frost spent years trying to figure out the location of some mysterious and strong cold waves. He had never known about anyone - or anything - that could generate cold like he did. Not until Arendelle's inccident. Not until Elsa. Is she a threat or the answer to all his prayers? Will Jack be able to be there for Elsa when all else fails the queen?

All Elsa ever wanted in life was a kindred spirit. After a lifetime of hiding her true nature, Elsa had enough. She might have been forced to flee Arendelle, but she didn't regret doing it. She finally had all the peace and freedom she ever wished for.

So why did she feel so alone? Why does the name Jack Frost, the one that has been hunting her thoughts since her chldhood, tempts her into the unknown? It's just a legend, right?

When Frozen and Rise of the Guardians plots crash together, Elsa and Jack will find themselves stuck with way more than they could ever hope for.
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