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Fanfic / Fanfiction Wild Youth (English Version)
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Capítulos 3
Palavras 10.957
Idioma English
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Gêneros Drama (Tragédia), Famí­lia, Festa, Ficção Adolescente, Lemon, Musical (Songfic), Romance e Novela, Slash, Violência, Yaoi (Gay)
Christopher's life is a fuck up roller coaster. Different people constantly surround him as a result from his daily visits to his best friend, Liz Mabel, who lives at Taylor's Mental Disorders Clinic. He's a sophomore in NYU College and is studying to become a journalist. One night Christopher and his best friend decided they would be expending Liz's day off from the clinic on a new bar down the street. Through rock music and a few shots of tequila, they both met Trevor and Meredith Anderson. They soon find out that the siblings owned the place and haven just moved out from Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Meredith is an untypical party girl. Trevor is reckless and unapologetic. Adrian is a bartender at the bar and owns a Chihuahua who wears a Mexican hat. Liz is someone who won't admit that everybody has inner demons, including her. Chris just wants to get through college and life without falling in love with Trevor. He fails. Badly.
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