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The End escrita por ~Shadowed

Fanfic / Fanfiction The End
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Idioma English
Categorias Lendas Urbanas
Gêneros Aventura, Terror e Horror, Violência
What happens when a normal girl meets killers? Sixteen year old Luanna, was a book worm, always dressed in black, an outcast. Her life was horrible, her mother was dead, and had an abusive father, all she really had were two things, her little sister and books.
But one day people start going missing, one by one. Sometimes they wind up dead, smiles in their faces, or removed organs. Luanna wasn't scared, if she died who would care? Maybe her little sister but that's it. She starts to feel watched, paranoid, she ends up finding her father dead, and old memories start to resurface. What could they be?
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