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Fanfic / Fanfiction Harry Potter and the year everyone was GAY
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If you ask George Weasley or Fred Weasley, I bet my house robes that they'll answer that they were the one who started it all. Their new invention 'Gay Potion' is the reason behind the havoc that will ensue Harry Potter's last year at Hogwarts.

Voldemort has been defeated and peace has been restored. Kingsley Shacklebolt has been made the new Head of Ministry of Magic. The Golden Trio were supposed to join the department but Arthur Weasley's continued objections has enabled them to complete their last year at Hogwarts along with all the other teen wizards who weren't able to finish their eight year.

George and Fred were bullied by Molly Weasley who threatened to disown them and file a complaint against their infamous shop 'Weasley Whizzies'. Begrudgingly they are at Hogwarts, their shop now closed for a year.

So the question that remains to be answred is whether the gay potion real? Or is it their gay hearts fighting against a battle, they have already lost?


I have never written a fanfiction before or read many. You might as well as say I'm a fanfiction virgin. This is my first attempt. I hope you all potterheads like it.


The same story is posted on wattpad. I might not be active on this app. If you have any questions regarding the story contact me on wattpad (username: @galvanometer) or instagram (username: @throneoftrash)


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