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An Angels Prayer escrita por CR2017

Fanfic / Fanfiction An Angels Prayer
Em andamento
Capítulos 1
Palavras 459
Idioma English
Categorias Anjos e Demônios
Gêneros Ação, Drama (Tragédia), Fantasia, Magia, Mistério, Romance e Novela, Suspense, Violência
After wondering the Earth for a century and a half Anise believed she had seen all there was to see, learnt all she could learn about the way humans functioned through their lives.

She was wrong.

Anise will embark on an emotional rollercoaster, one she has never experienced before. She discovers the full effect emotions can play in a human life... and also her own eternal life...if she would only interact with the species she has studied for so long.
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