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Nome: Marjorie Kannenberg
Status: Usuário
Sexo: Feminino
Localização: São Valentim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
Aniversário: 2 de Janeiro

Aggressively - ·.°·.·I Have A Dream·.°·.·

↪Nada de importante, por enquanto ™

When you allow yourself what you deserve, attract what you need. 🌼✨

🍀Aggressively, I will make your life hell to hurt my friends, and look I'm stuck and I really do, I do not have that one.🍀

My love, for all life💕: @Brilliantly

↪Do not mess with her, I already said I'm fucked up↩

💫Have a great exit from my bio, since it came out very late💫👋

✌Go away✌

🍃Bye, bye boring people🍃

🌟Haha, I do not have the patience👅🌟

Atualizações do Usuário

Usuário: Aggressively
Nome: Marjorie Kannenberg
Idade: 18 anos
.....: Gaúcha