História Castle and Bones: Joining the forces. - Capítulo 31

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Capítulo 31 - Lilly's Scares.

Lilly was quiet, but as she growing she became more agitated, especially at night. Beckett, who had grown accustomed to her daughter's movements, couldn't sleep when she was quiet.

One day, around 3 am, Kate woke up and didn't feel the baby. Slowly she pokes her belly and speaks softly so as not to wake her sleeping husband by her side.

B - Lilly? Where are you, baby?  Kick the mommy...

But the baby doesn't move. Beckett pokes a little harder - Lilly, move... please...

Kate is getting desperate little by little... When she can no longer stand the nervousness alone, she wakes up her husband.

B - Love? - She shakes him by the arm.

C - Hey! Hi! Where's the car key?

B - That's not it...

C - I woke up, ready... what's going on?

B - Lilly doesn't move, I've done everything and nothing... She always moves for you, can you call her?

Castle straightens up and lays his head on his wife's belly. - Daughter... Where's daddy's kitten? - Nothing - Hey Lilly, don't do that no baby, your mom is worried... Can you move? Just a little...

But Lilly doesn't move and the talk with her lasts for about half an hour until...

C - Enough! I'll take you to the hospital. - He gets up, gathers some things and goes to Beckett to help her up.

Just then Lilly starts dancing. Beckett says nothing, only takes her husband's hand to her belly, while her nervous cry becomes relief.

B - She's fine! I can feel!

Rick puts his head close to his wife's belly. - Hey young girl, never scare us again, or will be born of punishment, huh... - Tears of relief also appear on your face.

The two of them stay there, enjoying Lilly's movement for a long time, then kissing and falling asleep.


This situation recurs several times over the next few days, but Dr. A says it's normal, it's the baby's personality.

C - Apparently it will be ingenious like the mother...

B - Hey, I'm here, you know that? - And everyone laughs.


One day Dr. G inserts one more medicine into Beckett's list. About 2 hours after taking the new medicine, Kate has a fever with chills and out of nowhere Lilly gets restless, she moves a lot.

Thousands of things go through the mind of the future mother. -Castle, what if she's in pain? What if the cord are wrapped around the neck?

Dad was scared enough, too - Calm down, I'm already packing up. We will run to the hospital.

Beckett gets worse on the way to the hospital, the fever up and now she has headaches.

When she arrives at the hospital, Dr. A answers her quickly and goes through an ultrasound.

Dr. A - Lilly is fine mom and dad. She is only agitated by Beckett's fever.

Dr. G also appears and applies a dose of an antipyretic. This makes the fever subside a little, but the baby is still agitated and so Beckett spends the night under observation at the hospital. Castle makes sure it's in a private bedroom to get away from the comments.

Nurses go every hour to measure Kate's vital signs: Pressure, temperature, heartbeat, and so on. Lilly's little heart is also heard over and over again.

The next morning Mom is released and that medicine suspended. Beckett no longer has a fever and Lilly acts normally.


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