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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

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Well here it is!
Another one!
So please comment, rate, subscribe and enjoy! XD
Omfg, I am so sorry guys I just had to put that in there, cause this is now obviously YouTube!
Ok, ok obviously it's not but still.
It was still funnier to me anyway.
But, anyway to clarify things no there is no incest in here.
But anywho let's get started on this new adventure.
And I know Cloud and Tifa have been kinda meh with eachother a lot, but in this one their just realitvily close friends that only flirt with eachother a bit.
And it's mainly and only to get thier newfound crushes jealous and to like them a bit more.
And now on the match making that is about to happen!
So enjoy!
Oh! And yes there some yaoi in here.
Not too much but anyway yeah for warned on that, oh! And there veryyyyyyyyy stronggggggggggggggggg lemon that is about to ensue.
So yeah.
Please be warned on that one.
And anyways as always please enjoy!
And bye!

Capítulo 1 - Cloud's shy love revelation/Tiki's matchmaking service I

Fanfic / Fanfiction Tiki's Matchmaking Service - Capítulo 1 - Cloud's shy love revelation/Tiki's matchmaking service I

Typing. That's all that was heard as paled clawed fingers swiftly made thier way across a sleek black keyboard. Bright blue eyes training hard to concentrate on the letter before him. Tapping a black sharpened nail on his chin he thought about what to say. What to say? Hmmm... Aha! Snapping his together as if he thought of some brilliant idea he quickly pecked away at the keyboard at lightning speed, finishing up the letter in no time at all. 

 Clicking on the print icon on his monitor the paper started to come out of the copy machine fresh smelling ink filling the area with a wild aroma of success. Perfect. Another match found. That means- 

 Snatching up the paper the clawed man blew a strand of pure white hair out of his eye before scanning the page's contents. His eyes brightening up as a wide smile soon crossed his features, looking up he got the attention of his unwilling assistant who was boredly looking through a newspaper waiting for his boss to finish up and to speak. "Ahem." The white haired coughed calling out his clearly unamused looking companion. Sighing the older and taller male looked a thin red brow raised up as his said dead panned, "What?" 

"Nice enthusiasm." The younger male responded sarcastically getting a tired sounding sigh and eye roll along with an irratble groan. "What do you what?" He asked in a time that clearly suggested that he was done with life. And this job. 

Sighing once himself the pale male held up his printed copy waving it around as if it were some important peice of document. And to them it was. "I think I just found our next client." He said in a way that could only mean one thing. The older man gulped slightly suddenly feeling bad for the next sap that had fell for the dating site's trap. Feeling somewhat guilty but also quite curious about who it they excatly had to "help." 

"Ok. Who is it this time?" The assistant asked trying to stop a growing headache from forming. Smirking even more the white haired male demon tossed him the paper who quickly caught it out of mid air. His red eyes scanning over the contents of the report he looked his eyes wide and filled with shock and worry that swiftly turned into a growing problem as well as migraine. Inwardly groaning he pinched the ridge of his nose with his clear sharpened claws. 

Heaving out a heavy breath his gaze slowly drifted towards his still smirking superior. "Let's just get this done and over with." He said sounding very defeated. 

Chuckling only word was spoken from the shorter demon, "Perfect." Spinning back around he stood up only spin around once more to face his now whining friend. Let's go get Cloud. With that the two boys left in search of thier next victim- we mean uh... Client. That needed help with match making. 

  In Midgar 

Time: 8:41 A.M. Current Condition: Raining. 

Year: 2XX487XX 

In: Cloud Strife's room. 

His current mood: Scared, nervous, embarrassed, flustered and anxious. 

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