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Lydia's life

escrita por deadlydaggernyx
Fanfic / Fanfiction Lydia's life
Em andamento
Capítulos 2
Palavras 1.179
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Brotherband
Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Fantasia, Ficção, Luta, Mistério, Terror e Horror
I do not own any of the character's within the story that are included in the original books. I do not own the orginal idea either, but merely what I have done with it. The orginal idea came from Estrella La Luna on wattpad, I had gotten the idea from her book Lydia's past, I had gotten hooked with the idea and decided to it similar but in my own way.

Lydia's been a part of the brother band for awhille now, and knows almost everything about the brotherband's family but they don't know much about her's now do they? Well, they are bound to find out eventually arent they?
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