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Fanfic / Fanfiction The Key to Life by Andrew Blair
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Palavras 5.354
Idioma English
Categorias Harry Potter, Ilusões, Os 13 Porquês (13 Reasons Why), Outlander, Sherlock Holmes
Gêneros Aventura, Comédia, Drama (Tragédia), Famí­lia, Festa, Luta, Magia, Mistério, Saga, Sobrenatural, Survival, Suspense
The key to life? A question many of us ask ourselves on a daily basis. Why am I here? Why did I do that? What makes me different from the rest?

The world we live in today is a different world from yesterday. In my opinion, majority of people are being brought up believing in violence, war, suicide, crime, abuse, bullying, Alcohol & Drugs but most of all people seem to believe in money.

To which all prove a negative effect on our lives.

You could believe Alcohol & Drugs are the Devil of our time, spreading like the plague wiping out humanity, mentally and physically.

Disability rates are rising fast throughout the world constantly. The NHS are over run with mentally ill depressed people, as are the drug & alcohol services and nobody seems to have an answer, so we carry on running around in circles chasing our tails like dogs made to accept our fate of diagnosis be it mentally ill or addicted.

The highest killer of men today under the age of 45 is suicide, which gives me the reason to bbelieveunless we do something about it, we are a dying breed.

Growing within the human race due to negligence to others, negativity toward our own flesh & blood. Cancers now leaving us & our children with a roundabout whopping fifty percent chance of being diagnosed. That’s before we smoke, drink or take drugs.
As we grow older some of us begin ask ourselves, where have our lives gone?

Most uneducated people only seem to believe that Jesus was nailed to the cross, this day in age, nobody wants to learn how or why? Because unfortunately this day in age Jesus didn’t sniff cocaine, to which I'd image hes probably pleased about, as he had a bad enough time as it was.

Should you choose to believe in yourself & the power of life itself, the power of love. You will not be
lead astray. Together we will change the entire world for ourselves, and our children thinking twice about the future.

I will tell you the story of my own upbringing through to this very day, the good times and the bad. School, careers, major addictions, depression, suicide attempts, negativity from others, positivism, my passion for music, how life affected me and how I got through it.

What if this Book reaches out to everybody in some way shape or form?
Giving Gods overall opinion on mental illness, addiction, relationship problems, and many other healing
capabilities including my own personal view on cancer. But most of all an opinion to happiness in life!
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Fanfic / Fanfiction Harry Potter and the year everyone was GAY
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Idioma English
Categorias Harry Potter
Gêneros Fantasia
If you ask George Weasley or Fred Weasley, I bet my house robes that they'll answer that they were the one who started it all. Their new invention 'Gay Potion' is the reason behind the havoc that will ensue Harry Potter's last year at Hogwarts.

Voldemort has been defeated and peace has been restored. Kingsley Shacklebolt has been made the new Head of Ministry of Magic. The Golden Trio were supposed to join the department but Arthur Weasley's continued objections has enabled them to complete their last year at Hogwarts along with all the other teen wizards who weren't able to finish their eight year.

George and Fred were bullied by Molly Weasley who threatened to disown them and file a complaint against their infamous shop 'Weasley Whizzies'. Begrudgingly they are at Hogwarts, their shop now closed for a year.

So the question that remains to be answred is whether the gay potion real? Or is it their gay hearts fighting against a battle, they have already lost?


I have never written a fanfiction before or read many. You might as well as say I'm a fanfiction virgin. This is my first attempt. I hope you all potterheads like it.


The same story is posted on wattpad. I might not be active on this app. If you have any questions regarding the story contact me on wattpad (username: @galvanometer) or instagram (username: @throneoftrash)


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