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Fanfic / Fanfiction The Dragon's Consortium
Em andamento
Capítulos 10
Palavras 3.802
Idioma English
Categorias Lendas Urbanas, Mitologia Hindu, Mitologia Japonesa, Mitologia Nórdica
Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Fantasia, Ficção
Soterios Angus is the Dragvernborn, a child born the genes of a human, a dragon and a wyvern flowing through his veins.

In book #1 of the 'The Dragon's Consortium' series, Soterios lives his life ostracized by others both as a child and as a high school student. As he approaches 16 he comes face to face with a single truth, hidden from him by all those around him, including his own brother, Cain. When the Dragons from the North threaten to attack his homeland once again after an ancient war, Soterios must embark on a journey across the medieval continent of Uradora alongside his brother,Cain, and his best friend, Csilla, in order to discover the truth about his Draconic powers in hopes to prevent the end of humanity as they knew it.

Why did the Dragons attack and how was Soterios tied into the bigger picture of the Worldwide change seen on the planet of Nabrunia? Find out all of this and more inside the world of 'The Dragon's Consortium'.
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Fanfic / Fanfiction Messenger from the Future
Em andamento
Capítulos 37
Palavras 120.037
Idioma English
Categorias Noblesse
Gêneros Ação, Comédia, Famí­lia, Fantasia, Romance e Novela, Sci-Fi
Amidst the daily life and the confrontation against union, a new enemy arises, and at the same time, a strange boy comes from the future, but is he an enemy or ally? And how does he know the Noblesse, Frankenstein and all the others?
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Fanfic / Fanfiction The resistence
Capítulos 29
Palavras 16.611
Idioma English
Categorias Originais
Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Comédia, Crossover, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente, Luta, Magia, Romance e Novela, Sobrenatural, Survival, Terror e Horror, Violência, Yaoi (Gay)
In 2016 a bomb made to reduce global illnes strikes in brazil, days later humans were in danger fighting to survive and some counting their days till death strikes them.
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