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Dark Nights

escrita por anna_bst
Fanfic / Fanfiction Dark Nights
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Capítulos 1
Palavras 1.205
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Little Mix, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, One Direction, Zayn Malik
Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Drama / Tragédia, Fantasia, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente, Gay / Yaoi, Lésbica / Yuri, LGBT, Luta, Magia, Mistério, Universo Alternativo, Violência
He wasn’t quite sure why the First Wolves requested his presence on such an important gathering, he had some ideas though. The Annual Celebrations for the gods were exclusive events for powerful, influential wolves. Although Harry Styles was a powerful wolf - not that they knew it -, he was also a commoner and somewhat rebel, to be honest.

Maybe they knew about his stealing. Maybe they would hang him.

He would find ou soon enough.
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