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Nome: ᅠ魔۪鬼꯭本ֺ人 ִ ゙  ִ𝐒𝒦꯭𝆬𝐘꯭𝐋꯭࡛𝐀𝐑࠭ 𝒪࣭ⲅ ℳᜒ𝐀꯭۪𝐃꯭𝐃꯭ֺ𝓨݂𝐄٫ 𝐒۪𝐀𝓢𝐀݁𝐊𝐈ִʾ𝓼 𝓑ִ𝐅゙ ⵰ 𝓖ִ𝐅࣪
Localização: ᅠ゙🪽۪  ֺꢒִ⍺ׁ 𝖼۪Ꭵ𝖽αֺ𝖽ᧉ݂ 𝖽ֺɑ𝗌 ݂ᧉ𝗌꯭ł𝗋꯭ֺᧉⲒ꯭α݂𝗌ֺ 𝓒࡛ꪮꬺ࠭ 𐐫 ࣭𝓘꤃ᧉ ݂౨ৎ
ᅠᅠ( 𝒮 . ) 𝓢݂𖭗ყⲒֺαɾ݂ 𖦹͟ᜒɾ ݂ꭑ۪αֺ𝖽𝖽۪ყᧉֺ 悪݂魔ֺの۪息ֺ子 ꭑֺ͟𝗮۪͟𝘀͟𝖼ֺ 𖬺 𑜑۪𝙴͜𝚄ֺ͜𝚃݂͜𝚁𝙾ᜒ 𝕣݂𑜑࠭𑜑𝗌࣭ 
ᅠᅠ ᧉֺ𝗌ꞎ࡛𝕣𝖾Ⲓα۟ຮ ﹠ 𝒜݂Ⲓᧉֺ͜𝗑 𝒢۪  [ 空っぽの魂 ] 𝔽Ꭵ۪ⲒᲩֺᦢ۪ 𝖽ֺᧉ݂ αֺ͟ᦢ︭݂͟Ⲓ͟ᨣֺ 𐦧 ᥴ݂αϐᎥֺⴖ ݂𝟽 𐦮
ᅠᅠᅠ 𖭟۪ᧉɾֺα̃ᦢ ݂ᧉֺꭑ݂ 𝚀ᥙ۪ᧉ Ჩ࠭Ꭵ𝙺࡛𝗮𝗿۟𝘂 ꭑ࡛𝗼𝗿ֺ𝗿ᧉ݂υ 𖬺 𖭗ꪱᜒ𝙼݂𝗶 ⴖֺⲟ ყ۪ᦢɾֺᥙ ⴖ࡛Ꭵ 𝖋υ𝕣࠭ᧉ࣭ɾυ۟
ᅠᅠᅠ    ꯱۪Ჩ͜ᥙֺ͜ꞎ︭Ⲓ͟ꪱᜒ݂͟ⴖֺ︭͟ᧉ︭٫ Ⲓᦢ࡛𝗌࠭ɬ ꪱᜒ࣭ⴖ ۟ɬ࡛Ჩֺᧉ ࣭𝒞ֺᲩᨣ۪ᥙֺ𝖽٫ 𑜐ֺ͟ᧉ݂͟ɾ𝖽ֺ ɾ۪ᦢֺʝᧉ࡛𝖼۟ɬ  ꭑ۪ყֺ Ჩ︭۪͟ᦢ︭͟ꭑֺ︭͟ᧉ݂
ᅠᅠ   不۪運なֺ少݂年 ֺ𝓕ִ𝐎𝐃࣪𝒜ִ𝐒𝐄 ׁ𝐎࡛ 𝓔꯭𝐒࠭𝐓꯭𝒜꯭࡛𝐃꯭۟𝐎٫ 𝐄࡛𝐔 ᜒ𝓞𝐃۪𝐄𝓘๋𝐎݂ 𝐀 ۟𝓒꯭𝐀꯭࡛𝐏꯭𝐈𝓣꯭۟𝐀꯭𝐋࡛


Usuário: oncemore
oh, she knows what I think about
and what I think about
one love, two mouths
one love, one house
no shirt, no blouse
just us, you find out
Usuário: oncemore
sorry I didn't kiss you
but it's obvious I wanted to
Usuário: oncemore
@piecer :: oi, eu amar você muitao